“Oh, what a year! My look back on 2020”

Last year was a special year! In the first quarter, the business ran like the wind; The team was well on track and on March 13th the renovation of our location at the Willem Witsenplein, our second clinic in The Hague, was finally completed after 2 months. But what a disappointment, then the lockdown started and all treatments had to stop indefinitely. That was a bit of a scare.


The team put in a fantastic effort during that difficult period and immediately seized the opportunity to shake up all locations and work processes again. Fortunately, the product sales through our clinic in the Frederikstraat in The Hague could continue. Lots of orders were sent out and of course the clients were very happy with that! We tried to maintain the best possible contact with our clients and fortunately we were able to start treatments again in June, of course with the necessary COVID measures.


Just like the other practitioners in the team, I get happy whilst performing treatments and I also see it as providing care to my clients. Looking good is perhaps extra important in difficult times? We also noticed an increasing interest in injectables such as botox and fillers as a result of the many online meetings. This is how the terms Zoom Face and The Zoom Boom were born.


Anyway, the cosmetics market is a growth market. Whereas in the past, people only talked about certain Dutch celebrities who were treated ‘over the top’, nowadays people increasingly see that this can also be done differently; Achieving natural and long-lasting results in anti-aging. We see more and more entrepreneurs, care workers, teachers and all kinds of managers who, until recently, did not like to think that they would help nature a bit with good skin treatments, a botox, a filler or any other treatment. It’s becoming socially more acceptable and the ordinary man and woman keeps looking good for much longer than in the past.

Until recently, Dutch female celebrities also didn’t come out for helping nature a bit with botox. “Just some good genes and a healthy lifestyle”, they said. And look what happens now? Suddenly Sylvie Meis has become ambassador of the hyaluronic acid filler brand Juvederm! Well done Sylvie! You’re a handsome woman and with a little help, you’re going to stay that way for a long time! Health comes first, but staying beautiful through the years, who wouldn’t want that?


With our team of front and back office, consultants, skin therapists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors KNMG, we are ready for you in 2021, just as you have always come to expect from us, but even better! We have plenty of plans for the new year to come, in which we will also continue our collaboration with other leading cosmetic clinics. More about this will follow soon. We look forward to setting up a nice treatment plan for you in 2021!


With Love,



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