Wrinkles in the face can give you a tired or older appearance.


Mole, for example in the face, may look unpleasant.

Bags or circles

Dark circles under the eyes or eye bags can occur at a young age.


Red nose and/or cheeks? Both men and women can suffer from Rosacea.


Brown spots that become darker in the summer? That can be melasma.

Warts and Fibroma

Benign tumors are common and can be treated effectively.


Visible small blood vessels on the face


Acne is a problem that can also occur at a later age, both in men and women.

Pigmentation spots

Do you have dark discolourations on the skin? These may be pigmentation spots.

Acne scars

Scars or 'pits' created by acne inflammation can be annoying.

The skin has an average surface area of 1.5 to 2.0 m², making it the largest organ in the body. It has, among other things, a protective function. However, some influences from within and/or from outside are so great that the skin cannot protect itself sufficiently against them.


For example, sunlight, hormonal influences, diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle have a considerable impact on the quality of the skin, which can lead to various skin problems.


The certified and experienced cosmetic doctors and skin therapists at Van Lennep Kliniek are able to recognise and diagnose your skin problems. Subsequently, a tailor-made advice will be made to jointly reduce or solve your skin problem. An initial consultation is free of charge. Make an appointment.

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