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Dr. Zein Obagi, a Beverly Hills dermatologist, has introduced a cosmetics line that makes professional skin care available for at home.

The ZO Skin Health products contain more active ingredients, concentrated formulas and better delivery systems than any other skin care line.

Obagi Premium Practice

Van Lennep Kliniek is a Premium Practice for ZO Skin Health products and treatments. Both at the clinic in Oegstgeest and in The Hague you can enjoy the extensive skin-improving ZO Skin Health treatments.


Do you want an Obagi product to apply it at home? Then stop by our clinic or order it online at the Van Lennep ZO Skin Health webshop.

Order ZO Skin Health products online

The ZO Skin Health products aim to make skin healthy and keep it that way.
Skin problems such as redness (rosacea) / acne / wrinkles and lines / mask of pregnancy (melasma) / pigmentation spots are addressed and treated effectively.
Obagi Products are available for your face, but also for your body and hands. You can find all of the products in the Van Lennep Kliniek webshop. The products from our webshop are supplied by the official distributor of Obagi Medical Products, ZO Skin Health, ZO Medical.

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Nathalie van Tilborgh, 33 years old

Uses ZO Skin Health since December 2013.


Struggling with my skin my entire life

ZO skin Health Den HaagI’ve had difficult skin all my life. Both on my mother’s and father’s side there’s a lot of allergies and eczema. I even used to have a fierce reaction to foods such as strawberries and bananas, which often gave me hives.

About 2 years ago I went to my GP who gave me a lotion for my skin, but it had no effect. Then I was referred to a dermatologist, who designed a treatment plan for me. I had to wash my skin with a bar of soap, apply Differin and use a Vaseline-like cream. After two weeks my eyes were swollen and my skin was damaged, so in the end, I decided to call it quits. I was prescribed a few more remedies but stopped using them too, none of them helped me.


When I was introduced to the products from ZO Skin Health I was skeptical but also hopeful. With the help of the skin therapist, I started working my way towards healthy skin. In the beginning, my skin did get a bit red and started flaking, but once I added a comfort product to the mix, things went much better.


If I look at the photos now, it’s almost unbelievable how beautiful my skin has become. It’s as if I’m looking at two sisters, but it’s really me. Sometimes I’m a blonde, at other times I have dark hair. I’m really glad that my boss made me aware of the products of Dr. Zein Obagi. His philosophy and treatment method are truly unique.

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