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Nasolabial fold

Removing nasolabial fold wrinkles

The nasolabial fold is the line that runs from the side of your nose to the corners of your mouth. Due to hereditary factors, the condition of the skin and age, the line can become deeper. The groove or wrinkle that develops, gives an unnecessarily tired expression, sometimes even at a young age. A deep nasolabial fold can occur in both men and women.

Nasolabial fold treatment with fillers

The wrinkle at the nasolabial fold can be treated safely using fillers. The groove is often caused by a loosening of the cheeks. Loss of volume causes the cheeks to ‘hang’ somewhat from the cheekbones, deepening the groove. In addition, it’s possible to fill the nasolabial fold itself. Fillers give an increase in volume. The nasolabial fold will disappear.


The clinic uses safe, temporary fillers from top brands, for example:

Based on the depth of the wrinkle and the skin structure, the cosmetic doctor will prepare a customized treatment plan. Not only the wrinkle along the mouth is considered, but the entire face.



FAQ Treatments

The first results are immediately visible. After about two weeks the optimal result of the nasolabial fold treatment can be seen. Around that time you’ll meet the cosmetic doctor for a check-up.

The effect of the treatment depends on the chosen filler. Most fillers ensure that the groove will remain invisible for at least a year. From that moment on, it’s recommended to opt for a minor ‘maintenance treatment’.

A treatment of the nasolabial fold takes about 30 minutes. During the filler treatment, the cosmetic doctor will give small injections in the skin. These are virtually painless. In some cases, small bruises or minimal swellings may occur. By cooling the treated area they will quickly disappear. A camouflaging cream will conceal any possible bruises. You’ll leave the clinic with a radiant face.

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