A healthy and tight skin, that’s the result of microneedling. This is a method in which we stimulate the skin to make collagen and elastin and to repair itself, both on the surface and in depth.

Micro needling has many forms and applications. Van Lennep Kliniek offers besides regular cosmetic microneedling:


How micro needling works

A special pen or roller is used to make tiny perforations (holes) in the skin at high speed. The depth of the needles will be adjusted to your needs and depends on the treatment indication and the areas to be treated. The openings are so small that they are not visible to the naked eye.

The skin’s natural repair process will be activated and the overall condition will be improved. Micro Needling therapy is very effective for the treatment of:

  • scars, e.g. acne
  • aging skin or skin damaged by the sun
  • coarse pores, gray skin
  • rosacea
  • fine wrinkles and lines

Is microneedling something for you?

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Careful and experienced

The Microneedling treatments in The Hague and Oegstgeest are performed by our experienced skin therapists. They have your skin and any problems mapped out in a personal treatment plan. At the intake you already received some tips that you can follow up before you undergo a micro needling treatment.


The skin-improving treatments are carried out carefully. Prior to the treatment, the skin can be anesthetized. After professional cleansing, a serum is applied and the skin therapist will perform the treatment.

Microneedling Voor & Na

FAQ Microneedling

No, the effect is not immediately visible after the first microneedling treatment. Due to the natural recovery process and production of the body’s own collagen, the first result is only visible after three weeks. The recovery is then in full swing and after two months the optimal result can be seen.

A cosmetic microneedling treatment is sensitive but tolerable by most people. In a medical microneedling treatment the skin is numbed with a cream.


During treatment, small dots of blood may be visible. These will disappear after a few minutes because the skin has closed again.
After the treatment, the skin will be slightly pinkish red. In some cases the skin may flake or swell.


The skin may turn pink to red after the treatment. It is also possible that the skin will flake or slightly swell. In a few cases scabs may develop. It is also possible that small crusts develop. However, this will disappear very quickly. The skin will feel fresher and tighter after just a few days.

The number of Microneedling treatments depends on the indication. Usually after an average of four to five treatments beautiful results can be seen. There is no maximum number of treatments.

Also read our client’s instructions for microneedling.

The cost of microneedling depends on the type of treatment and indication.
The prices below are indicative:

SkinCeuticals Medical Microneedling
Small area € 105,00
Medium area € 250,00
Large area € 350,00
Whole face € 450,00

Environ Collagen stimulation therapy as of €395,-

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