Before and Aftercare IPL-, Fractional-, or Clearshift Laser


The following is important to ensure that the result of the treatment is optimal.

  • During the IPL and fractional laser treatment, the skin should not be tanned by the sun, sunbed or self-tanner. The result can be negatively influenced by activation of your pigment cells (melanocytes). If you have tanned up anyway, it is better to postpone the treatment for a month. If you are too tanned for your appointment, the treatment can be postponed. Be aware that hyper- or hypopigmentation (dark or light spots) can otherwise occur with sun-tanned skin, skin that is not protected with SPF, some medicines, or skin that is sensitive to develop pigmentation.
  • For each treatment, inform us about your current product use, for example, the use of self-tanners. These have a stimulating effect on your own pigment cells and therefore pigmentation spots may return and the result of the IPL/laser treatment may be negatively affected.
  • If you have had a treatment with another specialist in the last 4 weeks or 4 weeks after the last treatment, please inform us about this. We advise you not to combine our treatments with other treatments. During the consultation with you, we will make a tailor-made treatment plan.
  • You are not allowed to wax your skin from a week before the treatment until 4 weeks after the treatment. The use of retinol is not recommended 3 days prior to the treatment.
  • Please inform us before each treatment if you are taking any medication. Certain medications may interact with an IPL or laser treatment.
  • Inform us if you want to become pregnant or if anything changes in your health condition. In case of pregnancy you cannot be treated with IPL or laser.
  • Please inform us if you are susceptible to a cold sore (herpes infection), or any other skin condition, even if it has just flared up after treatment. We sometimes prescribe oral antiviral medication as a preventive measure. If you have an active cold sore at the time of the treatment, it must be postponed or another treatment zone may be treated. Always contact one of our staff members beforehand.
  • Attend the appointment without make-up.


The treatment takes a total of 30 – 90 min. depending on the size of the area to be treated and the type of area to be treated and the type of laser being used.

First of all, the skin is cleansed and degreased. During the treatment you will feel the following:
In case of a Clearlift laser treatment you feel a slight heat development.
In case of a Fractional laser treatment you feel a moderate to strong heat development.
In case of an IPL treatment, it feels like a small rubber band is shot against the skin.

If necessary, the skin is treated afterwards with a wet compress or a cooling gel, which can limit the unpleasant feeling.

After the laser treatment, a cream is applied with SPF 50 that also has an immediate soothing effect. has an immediate soothing effect.


  • Couperose treated with IPL: the skin may be red and feel warm for a few hours. If the warm feeling increases, you can cool the skin at home with a coolpad. Very occasionally, a haemorrhage may occur if the couperose is very extensive. You may also experience some fluid retention in the face during the first few days. If the swelling is too severe, ask for a prescription for medication.
  • Pigmentation treated with IPL: the skin may be warm and red for a few hours. If the warm feeling increases, you can cool the skin at home with a coolpad. You may also experience some fluid retention in the face during the first few days. After the treatment, the pigment may be darker in color than it was originally. In time, the pigment will break down and be wiped away and in other places it will slowly lighten/fade. This process usually takes a week.
  • Skin renewal and tightening with the Clearlift laser: The skin may be slightly more red and feel warmer during the first 2 hours. Depending on the depth of treatment, small red subcutaneous dots may become visible. These fade away within a few days.
  • Skin renewal and tightening, or scar improvement with the fractional laser: The skin red immediately after the treatment and will feel warm and have a burning sensation for the first day. You may cool the skin at home, but this is not necessary. The skin will be increasingly red for 2 to 3 days and may start to peel. Small crusts may also appear. This takes a few days to a week to disappear.


Avoid products with high concentrations of acids, or retinol (vitamin A). Cleansing, mild toners, moisturising products and UV protection are allowed.

Specific for fractional laser treatment

The skin should not be cleaned for the first 12 hours. After this we advise you to clean the skin twice a day with water and a mild cleanser. Do not rub the skin and gently pat it dry.

Please note:

  • Do not wax or tweeze the treated area during the treatment period.
  • For 48 hours after the treatment, avoid intensive sports, hot showers, saunas, swimming and bathing.
  • The optimal result of the treatment will only be visible after several weeks/months. The process in the skin needs time and the collagen stimulation improves up to 3 months after the treatment. Following a course of treatments is therefore recommended. You get the most effect from the treatment repetition with an average of 4-6 treatments.
  • This treatment can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Again, for all treatments, too much UV exposure should be avoided and therefore an antioxidant and SPF50 should be applied every day to prevent discolouration. Hyper- or hypopigmentation (dark or light spots) can occur with sun tanned skin, skin that is not protected with SPF, some medicines or skin that is sensitive to them.
  • Immediately after the treatment, Jane Iredale mineral make-up may be applied. The treatment can also be concluded with a tinted SPF 50. For all treatments, except the fractional laser, mineral make-up will immediately camouflage any redness. You can therefore immediately resume your daily activities.


For almost all indications, several treatments are necessary to achieve the desired result. The result will not be permanent, because the skin can be damaged continuously (sun, stress, smoking, air pollution). It will therefore be necessary to repeat treatments to retain and maintain the result. We offer IPL-laser courses of treatment.


If you have questions about the treatment or about certain reactions after your treatment, you can always contact us.

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