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Complaints regulation

Complaints regulation

It’s always possible that you’re not satisfied with the treatment or service offered at Van Lennep Kliniek. Fortunately, we have clear procedures specifically for our customers to handle their complaints. We take any complaint very seriously, because we always want to continue to improve.


We’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss any dissatisfactions that you may have. You can also report a complaint to us without meeting, though. Please request a complaint form from one of our staff members or by sending an email to We’ll do our very best to find a satisfactory solution for your complaint within 4 weeks.


If you don’t want to discuss your complaint with the practitioner at Van Lennep Kliniek directly, you can do so via our external complaints committee. Under the new Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (or Wkkgz, for short), care providers, including cosmetic doctors, are obligated to register with a recognized Dispute Authority and to provide an independent complaints officer. Since 2016 we are registered with the dispute authority and independent complaints officers of DOKh,

Below you’ll find patient brochures about the complaints procedure and dispute settlement:
Patient brochure complaints procedure DOKh (PDF)
Patient brochure dispute settlement (PDF)

Below you’ll find the brochure about the DOKh complaints procedure:

A complaint about your doctor

You have a complaint about your doctor. What do you do?


DOKh complaints procedure

A good relationship between you and your doctor is important. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that disrupt this relationship. You’re not satisfied, you have a complaint.
This brochure provides information about what you can do when you have a problem with your doctor. You can read about the possibilities to solve your complaint and how your complaint is being dealt with in the DOKh complaints procedure.


Finding a solution together

First, try to discuss and solve the problem in a personal conversation with your doctor. If this doesn’t work, your doctor will put you in touch with the DOKh complaints officer.


Reception of complaints

You’ll have a meeting with the complaints officer. This person is there to handle your complaint. The complaints officer will support you throughout the entire process. He or she is available to answer your questions, will give you advice and, if necessary, help you with putting your complaint in writing.
Once it’s clear what your complaint is, you’ll start working with the complaints officer on finding a solution.


Usually, the first option that is explored is complaints mediation. You can indicate to your complaints officer whether you are open to this or not.


Complaints mediation

Many complaints can be resolved in a meeting where an impartial mediator joins the conversation.
If both you and your doctor indicate that mediation is desired, a first mediation meeting will take place within two weeks. The complaints officer will act as a mediator.
During the mediation meetings, you and your doctor will be given the opportunity to explain their view of the event(s). If the mutual understanding grows, it’s often possible to create a workable situation. The ultimate goal of the mediation is to restore the relationship between you and your doctor.


Rules of the game

  • The help from the complaints officer, complaint mediation and handling of your complaint are offered to you free of charge.
  • Mediation is only considered successful if both parties agree to the outcome.
  • Mediation is based on mutual respect and trust.
  • All parties involved in the process will handle your privacy with the utmost care and are bound by a confidentiality obligation.
  • The complete complaints procedure can be downloaded at


Are you unable to find a solution with the complaints officer?

If you don’t reach an acceptable solution despite the mediation meetings, the complaints officer will support you in a possible next step. Your complaint will then become a dispute.

Treatment options for acne scars

Van Lennep Kliniek offers multiple treatment options for reducing scars, both in the clinic in The Hague and in Oegstgeest. They are:

  • Laser therapy (fractional laser) for skin renewal;
  • Injectable with hyaluronic acid to fill the scars;
  • Microneedling treatment with Dermapen / Enterpen;
  • Products / protocol ZO Skin Health / ZO Medical;
  • Chemical peels.

After the first consultation, which is free, the doctor will determine which treatment plan is suitable for you. We would like to hear your wishes and we’ll discuss with you which treatments are suitable and what results you can expect. Please be sure to make an appointment.

Do you have any questions?

First consultation worth € 50,- is free of charge.

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