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Radiesse behandeling in Den HaagRadiesse ® is a temporary filler (cosmetic injectable filler in the form of a gel), that is used for volume improvement. As your skin gets older, less collagen is produced. As a result, the skin becomes less elastic and wrinkles can develop. Where Botox is used for reducing muscle activity to soften wrinkles, Radiesse is primarily used for filling subcutaneous areas.

This makes it a very suitable method for wrinkle treatment, for example for:

Another name for this non-surgical treatment is a “liquid facelift”.


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Radiesse kliniekThe cosmetic doctor will first design a personal treatment plan before tackling the wrinkles in your face.
During the Radiesse treatment the liquid is injected beneath the skin with a thin hypodermic needle. If you wish, we can give you a local anaesthetic.

The treatment itself takes about 20 minutes. Immediately after the treatment, the effect will be partially visible already. After seven days the effect is optimal and you’ll see the natural result. Between the 1st treatment and a possible 2nd treatment there’ll be a break of at least two weeks.

Radiesse is a temporary fillerWe recommend that you don’t apply any cream or make-up, stay out of the sun and don’t use the sauna for 6 hours after the treatment, amongst other things.
There are hardly any side effects.
Occasionally, slight swelling may occur after the treatment at the injection site. It will usually disappear within a few hours. After the treatment with Radiesse you can continue your daily activities without problems. This makes it a treatment that’s also perfect to do during a work or lunch break.

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Radiesse 1,5 cc

€ 550


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