Client Instructions Before and Aftercare Radiesse Treatment

Why this instruction?

When you are treated with Radiesse (= injectable), we’ll make every effort to ensure that the treatment will go as smoothly as possible. To make this happen, we also need your cooperation! Below you’ll find a number of instructions. If you follow the instructions, the treatment will be more comfortable for you, recovery will be faster and it will contribute to an optimal end result. That is why it’s important that you carefully read the instructions below and follow them closely. You must always be able to show a valid ID so that we can include the BSN number in our administration and carry out an age check. You must always be able to show a valid ID so that we can include the BSN number in our administration and carry out an age check.


Before the treatment

During the consultation, the doctor will have asked you about your medication use. The use of blood thinners shortly before a treatment can be dangerous and may lead to complications. If you use such medicines, please inform your doctor. If necessary, their use can then be discontinued at least 1 week in advance in consultation with your prescribing doctor (general practitioner or specialist). The most common blood-thinning drugs are: Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin, Ascal-38, Ascal-Cardio), Persantin, Plavix, Sintrom and Marcoumar.


During the treatment

First, we’ll take some photos. If necessary, the area to be treated is anaesthetised. The treatment will last about 20 minutes and you can go home immediately afterwards without the need for someone to accompany you.


After the treatment

After you have been treated, it is not recommended that you do any sports the same day. Extreme heat (tanning bed and sauna) and cold are not recommended for a period of 2 weeks. The doctor will give you instructions on whether or not you should massage the treated area. Non-mineral make-up is not recommended for the first 12 hours following the treatment.



After 1 – 2 months a follow-up treatment can be performed. The final check-up takes place in consultation with your doctor.


Pain relief

Pain relief is usually not necessary. However, if you want to use a painkiller, you can; you can take 500 mg paracetamol, with a maximum of 6 tablets per 24 hours.



During the first 6 weeks, you should protect the treated area from the sun with a good UV protection factor (SPF 30).



Radiesse stimulates the production of collagen; this production takes time! It can even take up to 6 months until results are visible.



After the treatment, bruises and some swelling may develop. They will disappear automatically. You can use cold packs against the swelling.


Contact with the clinic

If you experience the following problems you should contact our clinic immediately:

  • Intense pain that doesn’t go away or gets worse after using paracetamol.
  • Infection of the injection site: signs of this are local redness, swelling, pain and possibly pus.
  • Abnormal swelling. Fever above 38.5 °C.


Questions? You can always call us!

Call Van Lennep Kliniek at 070 – 737 00 88 or in case of emergency at 06 – 5169 0024.

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