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Injectables, skin improvement and more


Botox is the best-known injectable used in anti-wrinkle treatment. Ludy is the Botox specialist of The Hague, Wassenaar, Leiden and Oegstgeest.

Hyaluron acid fillers

More volume, less wrinkles? Safe fillers such as Profhilo, Belotero, Restylane, Radiesse, Sculptra or Juvederm and the doctor's extensive experience ensure the best result.

Laser treatment

Do you suffer from acne scars, a gray face or wrinkles? A medical laser treatment ensures skin rejuvenation and a fresh appearance. Effective and safe.

Wrinkle Treatments

Van Lennep Kliniek offers various wrinkle treatments, with and without injectables (fillers and Botox). You are welcome for a skin analysis!


- drs. Ludy Holst, cosmetic doctor The Hague-




Facial treatments

HydraFacial, peelings, microneedling or laser. Our facials come in many shapes and sizes. Also connective tissue massage or camouflage therapy are possible.

Body treatments

Do you want to improve your body contours, or strongly reduce your cellulite? Our body treatments offer a good solution.

Laser treatments

Are you bothered by pigmentation, rosacea, acne, fibroids, melasma or puffiness under your eyes? Skin problems are effectively tackled through a tailor-made treatment plan.

NVCG certified

Our KNMG cosmetic doctors are NVCG certified. They distinguish themselves from other medical specialists in particular by their specialisation in safe injectable treatments.

Ludy Holst

Cosmetic doctor & owner

I feel like a fish in the water in my profession as a cosmetic doctor and director of the clinic. My company has been around for more than 10 years and is..


Carina Domingues

Cosmetic doctor

My work is my passion and my clients feel that too. Being born in Brazil, the passion for beauty runs through my blood.


Markwin Statius Muller


“Mijn specialiteit ligt bij het opfrissen en verjongen, met de kracht van het behouden van jouw eigen natuurlijke uitstraling.”


Maryna Alimova

Dermatologist – cosmetologist

I fell in love with dermatology when I was studying at the medical academy. There I first faced how communication between a doctor and a patient and a tailor-made treatment plan can change humans’ lives.


Margot de Nennie

Skin Therapist

The cosmetic industry continues to evolve, which means there are more and more possibilities in the area of skin improvement.


Sabrina Hoefdraad


I strive to draw up a suitable treatment plan for each client and to carry it out as carefully as possible in order to achieve a beautiful result.


Fleur Dwars

Skin Therapist

Every satisfied client who walks out the door is a reminder to me of how beautiful my profession is!


Where can you find our clinic for

Injectables & skin improvement

The Hague

In our clinics in The Hague you can enjoy a skin-improving treatment, for example for acne or wrinkle reduction. Advice on botox, fillers or laser treatment? A first consultation is free.


Enjoy professional skin care in Oegstgeest. Our skin therapists and cosmetic doctors welcome you to De Kempenaerstraat. Ask for skin rejunation advice, e.g. about injectables such as fillers and Botox.

Leiden and Noordwijk

Do you live in Leiden or Noordwijk? Perhaps Katwijk or Warmond? Then visit our location in Oegstgeest. The clinic can be reached within 10 minutes, parking is free. Make an appointment for a first consultation with one of our specialists.


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