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In my profession as a cosmetic doctor and also as the director of the clinic, I really feel in my element. My company has been around for more than 10 years now and in recent years it has grown from a one-woman affair into a fairly large business. For me and my team, the continuous challenge is to offer the very best to my clients.

I focus specifically on anti-aging in cosmetic medicine and the frequent complaints that come with ageing skin. It’s a nice challenge to solve these complaints using the current techniques. The contact with our clients is very valuable and they deserve the correct all-encompassing treatment. Ageing never comes alone, I always say!

A complete approach is necessary and we have all the tools available to offer it. It continues to amaze me every day that people are so afraid to get injectables and fear that the results will be over the top. And that while undertreatment has a much greater risk of resulting in an unnatural look. By only having your lips filled, for instance. Then you have invested in something and the results aren’t really what you had in mind. I like to do things in small steps until the complete job is finished. It’s always great to see as well that clients don’t need a recovery period in between treatments and can resume all of their daily activities immediately.

Ludy Holst is an accredited member of the professional association NVCG. Check out Ludy Holst’s CV for additional information. BIG number: 29045796401

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