Do wrinkles or a pronounced frown make you appear unnecessarily old or tired? Long to look the way you feel? Then a Botox treatment might be the answer. The Van Lennep Clinic performs Botox treatments in The Hague and Oegstgeest.


Why choose Botox?

The contraction of our facial muscles (facial expression) can lead to certain signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. The botulinum toxin injectable, which is more commonly known as Botox, temporarily reduces excessive muscle activity, smoothing out lines and making them less visible.

The treatment additionally improves mood and can consequently help to alleviate migraines or tension headaches. Botox can also be injected into the sweat glands in your armpits to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). This particular treatment decreases perspiration demonstrably and most people experience completely dry underarms for a period after treatment.

Are you considering a Botox treatment?

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Botox in The Hague and Oegstgeest

Botox has a relaxing effect on the muscles, making it an ideal product for combating the signs of aging, such as wrinkles. It can also be used to target a range of other problems. The Van Lennep Clinic provides the following Botox treatments in The Hague and Oegstgeest:

-Frown lines
-Forehead wrinkles
-Crow’s feet
-Eyebrow lift
-Drooping mouth corners
-Chin dimpling

-Nose wrinkles (bunny lines)
-Upper lip wrinkles
-Jawline tightening (Nefertiti lift)
-Neck wrinkles
-Excessive sweating
-Teeth grinding/jaw clenching
-Gummy smile

Botox behandelingen

The treatment

The Van Lennep Clinic attaches great importance to the intake session, which we use to discuss your requirements and explore the various options. We subsequently devise a personal treatment plan prior to performing your Botox treatment.

The treatment itself takes approximately 5 – 15 minutes, depending on the number of treatment areas (zones). The doctor injects the Botox into your muscle using the finest needle on the market. The treatment is virtually painless as a result and can be compared to hair epilation.

Optimal results after two weeks

The results of your Botox treatment won’t be visible straight away. You’ll notice the first effects around one week after treatment, with optimum results manifesting after approximately 2 weeks. At this point, we perform a post-treatment check-up. Botox causes your muscles to relax, allowing the skin to assume a more relaxed appearance and encouraging wrinkles to disappear or become less pronounced.

The effects of a Botox treatment last for an average of three to six months, depending on the individual. The treatment can be repeated after this period. Undergoing a Botox treatment to relieve excessive sweating or teeth grinding? In this case, the positive effects can last for up to 8 months.

Botox specialist

The Van Lennep Clinic is the leading Botox specialist in The Hague and Oegstgeest. Our highly experienced cosmetic doctors are NVCG-certified and registered with the Royal Dutch Medical Association. We allow plenty of time for every treatment, have a keen eye for detail, and closely monitor the overall results. Botox is a natural and effective treatment for a variety of complaints and can help to restore a youthful appearance.


“I derive genuine satisfaction from boosting peoples’ confidence by softening their facial features and ensuring they look great for their age.”


Ludy Holst, Royal Dutch Medical Association cosmetic doctor, trainer and Van Lennep Clinic founder

botox specialist

Before and After pictures

Frequently Asked Questions

Botox is injected into the skin using extremely fine needles. Most people describe the sensation as tiny pinpricks and don’t experience any pain. The treatment, which has been used for over 30 years and is proven to be extremely safe, only takes a few minutes. And, provided you correctly follow your doctor’s advice and instructions, there’s very little chance of unwanted side effects.

Botox treatments don’t generally incur any visible side effects. You might occasionally experience minor bruising, which typically disappears within a few days and can be effectively camouflaged using make-up.

Over the longer term, botulinum toxin can decrease muscle strength in the treated areas, as a result of them being inactive for long periods of time. This can also mean that you forget how to use certain muscles. You might frown less after a Botox treatment for frown lines for example, because you’re no longer used to doing so.

Botox is a brand name, like Azzalure or Bocouture. These brands all contain botulinum toxin – a protein complex secreted by the Botulism bacteria. Cosmetic Botox is a purified toxin that’s been extensively tested in the laboratory. This unique substance selectively targets the nerve endings in your muscles, at the exact site of injection. Botulinum toxin has a localised effect, making it extremely suitable for medical and cosmetic applications. Muscles injected with botulinum toxin will contract less forcefully for a number of months. Following this partial inhibition of muscle activity, muscle strength is fully restored and the results are therefore completely reversible.

Safe medicine

Ophthalmologists and neurologists have been harnessing Botox as a medicine since the 1970s. They use the product to relax spastic muscles with extreme precision and without any adverse side effects. Botox can be used to treat wry neck (torticollis) or spasticity in the legs for example. Such treatments involve significantly higher dosages than those used in cosmetic treatments. Botulinum toxin has been used on a much larger scale for medical cosmetic purposes for over 30 years.

Botox treatments are generally suitable for everyone. However, they will not be performed on women who are pregnant or those suffering from certain rare muscle diseases. We’ll ask you about this during your intake session.

View our competitive Botox prices and subscription options here.

Botox is a brand name. The active substance in the injectable is called botulinum toxin. Other botulinum toxin brand names include Dysport, Azzalure, Bocouture and Vistabel. The Van Lennep Clinic exclusively uses leading Botox brands.

Some people involuntarily have a sullen expression on their face. This can be caused by wrinkles. Wrinkles caused by excessive muscle tension can be well treated and prevented with Botox:

  • Front wrinkles 
  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Upper lip and drooping mouth corners



Botox wrinkles? First an intake

The doctor or consultant will start with an intake interview.  During the intake your entire face will be examined, not just the wrinkles that bother you. Sometimes it is advisable to treat several areas of the face. In other cases the result can be even better by adding extra volume.


The cosmetic doctor will inform you extensively and honestly about the various (combination) possibilities and possible Botox offers. Then a treatment plan will be made.  A combination of various skin improving treatments, such as Botox and fillers is also possible.

More information about the first consultation.


Painless Botox treatments, anesthesia possible

You can come to us for a painless Botox treatment. The doctors are very experienced and place the injections with a soft hand. The Botox injections are performed with a minuscule fine needle and are virtually painless. An anesthesia is usually not necessary, but possible.


A very small amount will be administered at an even distance. The doctor may ask you to look angry-fronting and very surprised a few times. For example when treating wrinkles on the forehead.


After treatment

The doctors will make sure that after the treatment in the clinic you will be able to pick up your daily routine again. A nice mineral makeup will neatly disguise any redness.


After about a week the full result of the treatment is visible. After about two weeks you will return to the doctor for a check-up, and to see if the desired end result has been achieved. The treatment will last about 3-4 months and is safe to repeat.
After applying Botox more often you can expect a repeat treatment between 5 to 9 months.

Many people suffer from tension headaches or (chronic) migraines. It is very difficult to determine the exact cause of most types of headaches. However, there are indications that increased tension can play a role in certain muscles.

Botulinum Toxin has been shown to relieve headaches and reduce the frequency of headaches. This makes the injectable an effective tool in the treatment of various forms of migraine caused by increased muscle tension.

botox migraine

The doctor will give a number of punctures in the (frowning) muscle, making it less strong. You will hardly feel these pricks.

To customize the treatment, the doctor will ask you to keep a diary in which you can indicate what effect the treatment has on the headache. The treatment is not experienced as painful. The effect of the treatment is always temporary (3 to 6 months).

Many people suffer from excessive perspiration or sweating. Both men and women can experience this. Armpits, hands but also the face show an increased production of sweat, sometimes accompanied by an annoying odor. This is very annoying and can have quite an impact on social life. The medical term for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis. Some health insurances will reimburse you for this medical treatment Botox for sweating.


Hyperhidrosis? Botox dry!

The cause of the excessive perspiration is difficult to determine. Fortunately, a botox armpit treatment works well. In an armpit treatment small amounts of Botox are injected. Botulinum toxin ensures that the excessive sweat production is reduced by about 95%, without affecting the regular perspiration elsewhere on the body. The normal sweat production for the secretion of waste products remains intact. The treatment is also called BotoxDry.


The treatment

During the hyperhidrosis treatment, the doctor will place fine prickles. These injections are very superficial but can be somewhat sensitive. For this, the skin can be slightly anesthetized with a cream, but experience shows that most patients do not suffer much from the treatments. The result can be assessed within a month.

After 2 weeks to a month the optimal result will be noticed and the production of sweat will be maximally reduced. Each person experiences a different duration of action. The averages are between 6 to 12 months. After that period you can simply repeat the treatment.

Does your upper lip pull up just a little too far while laughing? Do you have asymmetrical lips? An innocent but often annoying problem. The lifting muscle of the upper lip probably works just too hard, causing you to suffer from a so-called gummy smile.


A few small pricks in the muscle, just next to the nose, cause a temporary weakening, which will cause the lip to lift less. The effect of Botox is temporary and the effect will wear off after about 8 months. After that period you can apply the Botox gummy smile treatment again.

Come along for treatment with Botox at the clinic in The Hague and Oegstgeest.

Botox is not a filler. Sometimes one asks for Botox lips, that’s not possible. But it can be combined with fillers to get the most beautiful, natural result. Are you interested in lip enlargement? Then choose a lip filler.

Botox relaxes the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth downwards. By adding a small amount of Botox, the corners of the mouth can be lifted.

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