Camouflage therapy

Camouflage therapy

Combat skin discolouration using camouflage therapy! Camouflage therapy actively reduces the appearance of skin colour deviations, such as pigmentation spots, redness, scars and acne. This treatment is often covered by your health insurance policy.

We use the Jane Iredale mineral make-up range to perform camouflage therapy at our clinics in The Hague and Oegstgeest. We don’t only recommend this product line for camouflage therapy, but also as a daily UV protection skincare and foundation product.

Make an appointment for a non-committal consultation and our professional skin therapist will examine whether camouflage therapy is right for you.

Camouflage therapy for acne

Acne is typically associated with pimples and caused by blocked sebaceous glands. Unfortunately, this type of skin blemish can also occur later on in life, during the menopause for example. Our BIG-registered skin therapists use camouflage therapy to effectively treat all forms of impurities, including mild to severe acne. We also perform treatments aimed at preventing such impurities, including peels and HydraFacials.

Camouflage therapy for pigmentation spots

Troubled by unsightly pigmentation spots or pregnancy mask (melasma)? Professional care and treatment is the only way to successfully eliminate unwelcome pigmentation spots and pimples. The skin therapists at the Van Lennep Clinic perform safe and effective pigmentation spot treatments using IPL laser, professional skin improvement protocols for pigment reduction and camouflage therapy.

Camouflage therapy for scars

Depending on the cause, scars can appear anywhere on the face and body, and are particularly unwelcome from a cosmetic perspective. They can also be a lasting reminder of an unpleasant event, which is just one of the many reasons for choosing to treat or camouflage visible scarring. We use microneedling, fractional laser and plasmage procedures to treat and often permanently reduce scars.

Camouflage therapy for skin redness

Redness or rosacea is an extremely common skin condition. Whilst rosy cheeks are often considered a sign of good health, excessive facial redness is less desirable. Our skin therapists in The Hague and Oegstgeest perform a variety of safe and simple anti-redness treatments, such as camouflage therapy and IPL laser.

Camouflage FAQs

Our skin therapist first determines whether camouflage therapy is right for you during a non-committal consultation. We then select your foundation colour during the treatment and instruct you on how best to apply the make-up. Provided your health insurance package includes additional cover, you can claim for a reimbursement of the costs from your health insurance provider. This includes the costs associated with the instruction, the necessary Jane Iredale products and any additional treatments.

This differs per health insurance provider. If your health insurance policy includes additional cover, then your camouflage therapy treatment or camouflage therapy instruction will likely be reimbursed. Contact your health insurance provider directly to inquire about the exact reimbursement amounts. View our prices here

Keen to learn more about reimbursements for skin therapeutic treatments in 2021? Read our blog.

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