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lippen opvullenJuvéderm fillers have many applications. This safe solution is used to soften wrinkles, revitalize the skin and is effective at filling lips. Our skin is naturally hydrated by hyaluronic acid. It keeps the skin supple and resilient. As we get older, the amount of this acid decreases. Small wrinkles are formed and the skin becomes less tight. The Juvéderm fillers consist of hyaluronic acid in the form of a soft gel. The gel resembles the acid that already is present in our body. Lines and wrinkles in the skin fade in a soft but effective manner.

Juvéderm specialist in The Hague

Our clinic in The Hague offers various filler treatments using Vycross technology. Cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst is an experienced specialist when it comes to treatments with a gentle approach.


  • VOLIFT: Very effective at softening smile lines that run from the nose to the mouth. Deep wrinkles can be filled beautifully and naturally, whereas volume is added.
  • VOLBELLA: Well suited for the fine lines around the mouth, crow’s feet and for filling lips. The lip contours can be perfected or lips can be made fuller. Volbella is used in very small quantities and mostly superficially. The result is a natural look.
  • VOLUMA: For beautiful facial contours and full cheekbones. This filler gives long-lasting results that can last up to 2 years.
  • VOLITE: The latest filler by Juvéderm for immediate skin improvement and even permanent recovery. Injection is painless. Ultimate smoothness, hydration and elasticity of the skin. Suitable for face, neck, décolletage and hands.

The clinic only uses fillers from top brands, such as Juvéderm from Allergan.
The first consultation is free and without obligation. Please make an appointment with the Juvéderm specialists in The Hague and Oegstgeest, Ludy Holst.

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What can you expect before, during and after a wrinkle treatment with Juvéderm?
Every cosmetic treatment in the clinic starts with an in-depth conversation, completely without obligation.
Cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst likes to hear your wishes and needs regarding the wrinkle treatment. In some cases, a combination of treatments is recommended to achieve the most natural result possible.
Ludy will design a personal treatment plan in close consultation with you.

The smooth gel will be injected very calmly during the wrinkle treatment. Are you worried about pain? In that case we can add lidocaine to the filler, so that you won’t experience any discomfort.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin around the injection site will be somewhat sensitive. This feeling will quickly disappear. There is often no swelling. Just to be safe, you shouldn’t use make-up until 12 hours after the Juvéderm treatment. We also recommend that you don’t sunbathe or visit the sauna for two weeks.


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