ClearSkin acne treatment

Do you also dream of that perfect flawless skin? Are you tired of having to undergo painful treatments at the beautician or dermatologist, or have you tried everything with no results? Treat acne at its source and clear acne scars for good with our ClearSkin acne treatment with laser.

Effective treatment for all skin types

You don’t have to keep struggling with chronic, severe, or stubborn acne and unsightly acne scars. Our newest laser, clearskin, uses powerful and focused light wave energy to target and clear acne at its source.

Make an appointment today for a no-obligation intake, with free skin analysis with our skin therapist, and see how we can guide you to healthy glowing skin, free of blemishes!

How does the ClearSkin laser treat your acne?

The revolutionary ClearSkin Laser is part of the powerful Harmony XL Pro laser platform to treat stubborn acne and severe acne scars.

This laser system is specifically designed to combat all three catalysts of acne:

  • Excess sebum
  • Dead skin cells
  • Bacteria

No downtime

The results of ClearSkin acne treatment are long-lasting and the procedure is virtually painless, with no use of needles, anesthetic shots, or hours of appointments. Tricky pimples are gone after one appointment and you leave the treatment chair with clean, rapidly recovering skin after less than 30 minutes. After the treatment, we apply our Jane Iredale mineral makeup if desired. These minerals care for your skin, without closing it off, allowing you to immediately resume your daily activities.

For whom is the acne treatment suitable?

Acne is most common in teenagers, but adults and pregnant women can also suffer from long-term, persistent acne. Fluctuating or elevated hormones and medication use are the most common root causes.

ClearSkin acne treatment video

How does acne form?

Acne occurs when skin pores become clogged, inflamed, and infected. Excess sebum, dead skin cells or dirt, and acne-causing bacteria disrupt the skin’s cleansing and regeneration process. This process can result in unwanted red bumps, blackheads or whiteheads, and inflammation.

Do you have any questions?

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Dead skin cells, skin debris, and excess sebum also cause skin problems. These appear as black and white dots. The Clearskin treatment clears clogged pores with a built-in vacuum mechanism that gently cleanses your skin’s surface while the laser works beneath it. Unlike vigorous manual (out) cleansing and uncomfortable chemical peels, this process does not strip the skin of its protective oils, or skin layer; The laser head destroys the water molecules in the sebaceous gland, causing them to shrivel up and eliminate inflammation more quickly. This process also promotes the reduction of sebum production.

Laser treatment for acne is not very painful and has no visible side effects. For clients who want to be completely pain-free during the treatment, we prescribe a numbing cream. A cooling mechanism works simultaneously with the vacuum and the laser, so at most, you will experience slight redness and heat. You can immediately resume your daily activities with simple UV protection and mineral makeup.

Although there are many treatment options for acne, either prescription, or professional skincare, supplements or peels in the salon. Unfortunately, they do not work equally effectively for everyone. If acne is particularly stubborn or severe, a more advanced solution may be necessary.

Our skin therapist will recommend that in addition to the ClearSkin acne treatment, you also work with skincare at home, to accelerate the result and improve your skin permanently. An alternation with peelings or a HydraFacial is very suitable.

The laser is non-ablative, meaning it heats the tissue but does not destroy it. This precise laser treatment for acne targets the layer of skin below the surface of the skin and heats it to destroy all acne-causing bacteria. It also kick-starts the skin’s natural healing process to stimulate collagen production, blood circulation, and cell renewal. By penetrating below the surface, your skin quickly heals and regenerates the affected areas, even though nothing was actually destroyed or hurt in the process. With a more intense setting, there is a chance of temporary redness or localized swelling.

This treatment is recommended in a cure form, every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the severity of your acne. During the intake, you will receive a customized treatment plan from our skin therapist. You will see visible, long-lasting results after only a few treatments.

Yes, Clearskin is safe for all skin types. The laser penetrates to the deepest layer of the skin, so it does not negatively affect the pigment cells in the skin. But beware, the treatment is not performed on sun-tanned skin.

The cost of individual treatment, or an attractively priced course, can be found on our rates page.

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