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Eye bags

Under eye bags

eye bagsBoth men and women can suffer from bags under their eyes.
In addition to bags under your eyes, you can also have dark circles. Both can have a different cause. What is the same, is that they give your face a tired and aged expression. Time to do something about the bags under your eyes! Contact us today to make an appointment for a free consultation!

Dark circles or eye bags?

Bags are actually fat accumulations under the eyes. As a result, a small thickening is visible and the skin is slightly sagging. Bags often occur at an older age. In that case they are usually caused by ageing skin. When skin ages it gets thinner. The body produces less connective tissue, which is the tissue that makes your skin elastic and supple.

The dark circles are formed in the grooves under the eyes. They can also occur at a young age. The dark circles under the eyes can become more pronounced after a bad night’s sleep, for instance. Often there’s a lack of moisture at a local level. Reduced circulation can also have an effect. This causes blood vessels to become visible underneath the skin.

Which treatment is right for you?

remove eye bags or dark circlesThe right treatment depends on your wishes and type of wrinkles/bags. During the first consultation, the cosmetic doctor will carefully study your face and possibly perform a 3D skin analysis. Often you’ll have a combination of bags and grooves/circles under your eyes. The treatment method will be designed accordingly.

A frequently used method is a treatment with hyaluronic acid. This natural filler gives a beautiful and very natural result and restores the loss of volume in a well-balanced manner. An Environ DF treatment or connective tissue massage with lymph drainage massage by our skin therapist can also offer a considerable improvement.

In addition, you can apply Environ AVST Eye Cream or Environ Youth EssentiA eye gel yourself. The Active Light brush or a concealer from Jane Iredale, with mineral foundation on top, provides a fresh look.

Our clinic uses safe hyaluronic acid based fillers from top brands such as Restylane and Juvéderm.
For more information, please feel free to stop by our clinic on Frederikstraat without any further obligation.

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If there is volume loss, a treatment with hyaluronic acid offers a very good result. This natural filler brings back the volume loss in a balanced way.

Treating bags under the eyes without injectables is also possible. The Environ DF treatment or connective tissue massage with lymph drainage massage by our skin therapist provides good improvement.

Do you really want to get started at home and put an end to dark circles and bags? In addition to a healthy night’s sleep and lifestyle, you can use professional skin care products from Environ and ZO Skin Health. The products offer really good results.

You can also opt for mineral makeup. The Active light brush or concealer from Jane Iredale, with mineral foundation on top, gives a fresh and healthy look.


You understand that every treatment is custom-made. Therefore, an exact price cannot be indicated and differs per person. We can, however, by way of indication, mention the standard prices of all treatments.
Consult our rates page for this.

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