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Ageing skin will lose some of its volume and sometimes the contours of the face may change. The cheeks can sink in and tighter lines (wrinkles) around the mouth or wrinkles between the nose and lips become visible. This ageing process starts when you’re about 25.

Wrinkle filler with long-term volume recovery

sculptraSculptra® is a filler that gives an increase in skin volume. Polylactic acid stimulates the body’s own collagen production. Collagen makes the skin fuller, more elastic and firm. The filler is 100% biodegradable.
This process takes place slowly over several months whereas the collagen tissue remains, even when the filler has completely disappeared from the body. A Sculptra treatment therefore guarantees long-term volume recovery.

Sculptra specialist Ludy Holst 

Ludy Holst is the Sculptra specialist in The Hague and Oegstgeest. By now, doctor Ludy has performed tens of thousands of treatments with injectables. Ludy is a member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG).

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Each injectable treatment starts with an intake consultation.
Ludy is interested in hearing all of your wishes and will design a personalized treatment plan.
A Sculptra wrinkle treatment always consists of multiple sessions. This ensures you of a gradual and natural-looking result.


Numbing cream, a comforting idea

Sculptra fluid resembles milk. The filler is inserted under the skin using very fine hypodermic needles. These small injections can be sensitive. Therefore, your skin will be treated in advance with a slightly numbing cream to make the treatment as painless as possible. That’s a comforting feeling.

Shortly after the treatment, the skin will be slightly red and possibly swollen. Sometimes there may be small bruises. These effects are normal and will quickly disappear.


Results of Sculptra treatment

The restorative effect will be visible immediately. The skin will have more volume. After about two weeks the liquid is properly distributed and the effect will weaken. From that moment on, the skin will produce more collagen and it will take three to six months before the final result of your injectables will be visible.


To create a result that looks as natural as possible, the treatment is done in phases. Two to three Sculptra treatments with four-week intervals are required.
To maintain the results of your Sculptra injectable it is recommended to repeat the treatment once a year.

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Sculptra prices

1 bottle 9 ml

€ 600

2 bottles 18 ml

€ 1000


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