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Fractional laser treatments for skin rejuvenation

Lasers are increasingly being harnessed for skin rejuvenation purposes. The so-called fractional laser treatment (or laser facelift) involves directing laser beams into the skin with the aid of a fractionated laser. The treatment results in fuller, more resilient skin and is therefore particularly suitable for 30+ skin.

Fractional lasers deliver total skin improvement. The treatment can be used to refine and rejuvenate the skin and simultaneously renew the epidermis, effectively eliminating pigmentation spots. The laser promotes a finer skin structure and an even skin tone by accelerating the skin’s renewal process. Fractional lasers provide optimum results in terms of skin rejuvenation via laser therapy.

Does Fractional laser offer me the right results?

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Skin rejuvenation with Fractional laser

This skin-renewing laser treatment can be used to treat the following skin problems:

  • (acne) scars
  • hyperpigmentation
  • skin aging
  • uneven or coarse skin texture
  • sagging skin, large pores
  • fine lines and superficial wrinkles

How do fractional laser treatments work?

The laser works on a fractionated basis, meaning that only a small area of skin is treated per laser pulse. The device makes so-called microbeams, or miniscule puncture patterns in the skin. Intact skin tissue remains in place between the puncture sites and expediates their recovery via the production of new skin cells. The treatment is therefore safe and highly controlled, and your skin will recover within a few days of treatment. You will notice small, pointed crusts forming on the surface of your skin where the punctures were made. The heat from the laser shrinks the skin tissue, resulting in a finer skin structure and improved blood circulation.

Fractional laser treatments for collagen production

The fractional laser is a more sophisticated version of the traditional laser. During fractional laser treatments, laser beams are directed into the dermis, the layer beneath the epidermis. This stimulates the fibroblasts in the dermis to manufacture new collagen. That collagen in turn renews and tightens your skin. Fractional laser treatments consequently give your skin a natural lift and repair any unevenness. Younger-looking skin emerges just two or three weeks following treatment: your skin becomes noticeably firmer and assumes a fresher, smoother appearance. The increased collagen production also delays your skin’s aging process.

Laser specialists

The Van Lennep Clinic specialises in skin improvement treatments and our highly-trained skin therapists have several types of lasers at their disposal. This enables us to perform customised treatments in the field of skin tightening and scar removal, and ensure the effective elimination of redness, spider veins and pigmentation. Make an appointment for a non-committal intake session

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FAQ Fractional laser

The amount and depth of your fractional laser treatment depends on the desired results. Your current skin condition is another key factor in determining approximately how many laser treatments you’ll require. We perform 2-3 treatments on average, with each treatment producing visible skin improvements. We’ll discuss the various skin rejuvenation options that fractional laser treatments provide during your intake session.

Treatment of the entire face takes an average of 60 minutes

Whilst the treatment isn’t entirely painless, it’s certainly tolerable. You’ll typically experience a warm to burning sensation. We don’t apply any anaesthetic during fractional laser treatments. This enables us to effectively monitor your skin reaction and also allows you to indicate whether the heat is tolerable, reducing the risk of over-treatment.

Yes, it’s precisely this type of fine line that fractional laser treatments target.

The downtime depends on the depth of your treatment. We offer light, medium or deep fractional laser treatments. Light: produces a slightly granular, peeling effect and requires 2-4 days of recovery time. Medium: produces light flaking and small scabs, and requires 1 week of recovery time. Deep: produces thicker, more noticeable skin flakes and scabs, and requires approximately 10 days of recovery time.

We recommend using a soothing skincare product for the improved and accelerated recovery of your skin. UV protection is also indispensable. We strongly advise applying UV protection on a daily basis in the period immediately following your treatment. Your practitioner will inform you about the appropriate fractional laser treatment aftercare.

Yes. Fractional laser treatments have no adverse effects on previous Botox or filler treatments. However, if you have a permanent facial filler, then we’ll need to exclude this area from treatment.

The price of a fractional laser treatment can be found on our prices page. The skin therapist will discusses the precise cost per treatment, as well as the number and depth of treatments, during your intake session.

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