Client instructions Before and aftercare Microneedling

Why this instruction?

When you undergo a microneedling treatment, we will do everything to let the procedure run as smoothly as possible. But we also need your help with this! You will find a number of instructions below. By following these instructions, the treatment will be more comfortable for you, your recovery will be faster, and an optimal end result will be achieved. That is why it is important that you read and follow these instructions meticulously. You must always be able to show a valid ID so that we can include the BSN number in our administration and carry out an age check.  


Before the treatment

Protect your skin from exposure to sunlight or a tanning bed during the 3 weeks before the treatment. We recommend protecting the skin on a daily basis with a SPF 30 to SPF 50 sunscreen.  


During the treatment

We will first take photos of the areas that will be treated. After you have taken a seat in the treatment chair, your skin will be cleansed and disinfected. Depending on the indication, a partial treatment will take 15 to 30 minutes and a full facial treatment will take 60 minutes. After the treatment, you can go home without the need for someone accompanying you.  


After the treatment

A microneedling treatment may cause some flaking of the skin, which will stop after a few days. This is a positive sign because it shows that the skin cells are rapidly renewing. Your skin may show some redness and/or red dots after the treatment. This is common and will generally disappears after a few days. In rare cases, hyper- or hypopigmentation, scabbing, or blistering may occur. This is often temporary and will disappear. Please do not scratch the treated skin. It is important to avoid any wax or depilation treatments at the treatment areas during the entire course of the treatment. Please avoid hot showers, saunas, swimming or bathing during the first 24 hours after the treatment.  



Depending on your indication, the specialist or skin therapist will determine whether it is necessary for you to come back for a check-up or follow-up treatment.  


Pain relief

The specialist will determine whether you should ask your GP for a prescription for a numbing cream. You need to apply this cream home, on the area that will be treated, one hour before the treatment is scheduled.  


Aftercare and results

Please avoid as much direct sunlight as possible until 4 weeks after the treatment. If necessary, use a sunscreen with a high UV protective factor. You can apply a concealer on the treated area but only when you use the right products. Please discuss this with your specialist. The optimal results of the treatment will only be visible after a few weeks to months because the process inside the skin takes time. We recommend a number of follow-up treatments for the best result.  


Work and sports

You may return to work straight after the treatment.  


Contacting the clinic

Please contact the clinic if any of the following problems occur: Abnormal swelling or a fever above 38.5°C.


Questions? You can always call us!

Van Lennep Kliniek, phone number +31 (0)70 – 737 00 88 or in case of an emergency, phone number +31 (0)6 – 5169 0024    

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