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Restylane is a very natural product from Sweden. Based on hyaluronic acid, this filler ensures deep hydration, volume recovery and structural improvement of the skin. The hyaluronic acid that is used is very similar to the acid that is present in our own body and gives our skin elasticity. Therefore, a skin test is unnecessary and the risk of allergies is minimal.

Restylane Skinbooster

Restylane Skinbooster is the latest solution for creating beautiful skin with a healthy shine. The Skinbooster treatment is very suitable for face, neck, hands, décolletage and lips. Also in case of sun-damaged skin and (acne) scars, the Skinbooster offers a visible improvement. The picture below shows Sophie. She had the scar on her forehead treated by Ludy Holst.

Fillers with a natural result!

Restylane knows different variants. Restylane fillers are developed to recover the volume of the face and to soften the facial contours and shape. The soft gel gives volume and firms the skin. For each different areas and needs, there are specific variants. Your doctor will inform you extensively about this.

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FAQ Restylane filler treatments

A treatment consists of a number of micro injections with stabilized hyaluronic acid. At Van Lennep Kliniek, all treatments are performed by an experienced cosmetic doctor who is registered in the Dutch BIG-register for healthcare professionals and who knows exactly how to give the micro injections. This not only produces the best results, but also ensures that the treatment will be as comfortable as possible for you. Are you worried about any pain or discomfort? No problem, we’ll apply an anaesthetic cream 20 minutes in advance. The filler also contains the numbing agent lidocaine.

Your skin may be slightly swollen after the treatment and look a bit red. These reactions never last long and are mild in nature. They will go away automatically. After a treatment of your lips it is possible that you will feel, or perhaps even see, some unevenness. After a week this will disappear and the result will be optimally visible. It’s also possible that there’ll be some small bruises, which can be camouflaged. The results will last for about 6-12 months.

Restylane hyaluronzuur prices

Hyaluronidase treatments (breaking down hyaluron accid)

€ 150

Restylane vital lidocaine skinbooster 1 ml

€ 350

Restylane skinbooster vital lidocaïne LIGHT 1 ml

€ 350

Restylane Defyne lido 1 ml cheeks, chin, jawline

€ 350

Restylane vital lidocaïne skinbooster cleavage

€ 450

Restylane Lyft lido 1 ml firm contours

€ 450

Restylane Kysse lido 1 ml lip filler

€ 450

Restylane Fynesse lido 1 ml deep lines, smoker lines

€ 450

Restylane Refyne lido 1 ml nose lips line / pleat

€ 450

Restylane vital lidocaine skinbooster neck

€ 500

Restylane Voluyme lido 1 ml contours

€ 550

Restylane vital lidocaïne skinbooster hands 4 times

€ 1200

Restylane vital lidocaine skinbooster cleavage 4 times

€ 1600

Restylane vital lidocaine skinbooster neck 4 times

€ 1800


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