If you want to add sensuality and attractiveness to your lips, to increase volume, enhance the contour of your lips. Then choose one of the specialist cosmetic doctors of Van Lennep Kliniek. With the help of lip contouring, the problems of excessive thinness and asymmetry of the lips are easily solved, harmonious proportions are restored, and an attractive effect is achieved. Filler also corrects age-related changes, by returning a young and “juicy” look. 

In the classical procedure, high-quality fillers based on hyaluronic acid are used. To relieve discomfort, an anesthetic cream is applied to the lips. During contouring, there will be no discomfort, and afterwards you can immediately return to your normal life – no recovery period needed. 

This procedure requires great medical experience, high-quality modern preparations and high artistic taste. Your doctor will act as a skilled artist who will turn your lips into a masterpiece with light touches. 

How it works?

1. Detailed consultation with a doctor and the choice of filler that is right for you;

2. Desinfection – Treatment of the skin with antiseptic solutions;

3. Application of anesthesia for 10 minutes;

4. Filler injection – All fillers contain also anesthesia (lidocaine);

5. Completion of the procedure – application of a professional calming skin product with an SPF factor.


Our lips are one of the most sensitive areas of our face. Moreover, one of the most expressive facial features that you can’t hide, they are always in sight.

Most patients who have never done contouring with hyaluronic acid-based fillers think that 1 ml is a lot. But is it really so? For demonstration, you see the results of procedures, where the volume of the injection was from 0.6 to 1 ml.

In my work, I commonly use the Belotero line – the products have proven their high quality and safety. To minimize risks – always choose the best for yourself! 

This procedure was done with: 

✤ Belotero contour – 0.6 ml 

Treatment time – 30 minutes 

Anesthesia – application 


In this case, several corrections were made over a period of 1.5 years. First photo was taken before the procedure and the second immediately afterwards. The goal was to emphasize the natural beauty by increasing the red part of the lip. No unnatural volume and contour of the lips. At the photo directly made after the procedure, we see some post-procedural swelling. It should be noted that after the swelling from the primary correction, 30-40% of the volume will stay. If necessary, after a while the procedure can be repeated. After all, beautiful and sexy lips suit everyone.


Normal reaction

Post-procedural swelling that persists for 3-5 days  


– Oncological diseases  

– Connective tissue diseases, blood diseases  

– Epilepsy  

Inflammation around the lips  

– Herpes labialis  

– Infectious diseases  

– Pregnancy, lactation  

The first days after the procedure, you must follow the recommendations of your doctor:  

– Exclude baths, sauna, solarium  

– Don’t stop gentle kissing for a while  

– Avoid hot and alcoholic drinks  



I would like to highlight some aspects for better understanding what principles I pay attention to when performing this procedure: 

1.Anatomical structure of the lower third of the face

2.Correct / incorrect bite, teeth 

3.Anatomical asymmetry 

4.The rule of the “Golden Section” 

5.Thin / wide / narrow lips require special correction, as the shape is selected based on the equality of thirds (1/3 of the lower third) 

If the lips are thin in order to achieve the desired shape, sometimes 2 or even 3 procedures are required.  


Not all patients are asking to expand / reshape / emphasize the contour of the lips when they consult us. There are those who just want to moisturize them and we can do that too. This request is easily handled by the line of our favorite fillers belotero or juvederm. This correction is ideal for those girls and women who do not really want to focus on this. In this case I choose filler where the volume is 0.55-0.6 ml.  



I‘m passionate about attaining the most exquisite, natural, and beautiful results for every client, balancing artistry, meticulous attention to detail, extraordinary care, and safety.  Always be at your best, regardless of the place or season!  I want each of you to admire yourself every day! 

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