The Full Face Botox Treatment: Balance, lift and fewer wrinkles

Full Face Botox treatments are becoming increasingly popular, but are still fairly underexposed in the Netherlands. High time to tell something about it, because the results are not only very natural, but you can also postpone a possible filler treatment or lift. 

Full Face Botox

Men and women today are looking for rejuvenation of the entire face, not just the specific regions of the upper face. So a botox treatment of the whole face goes beyond the traditional three areas of the frown, forehead, and crow’s feet (upper face). Injecting Botox only on these areas, without doing anything to the rest of your face, can also make it look less natural in the long run. 

Full Face Botox reduces the aging process of the entire face.

How does the treatment work?

A full-face botox targets not only the areas of the upper face but also the midface and lower face by also treating the “bunny lines” (lines on the nose), smokers lines above the upper lip, laugh lines on the cheek, dimples in the chin, drooping corners of the mouth and the jawline. Even additional treatment of the masseter muscles and neck is possible.

bunny lines

Always the right dosage

For Full Face botox, our specialized doctors use significantly smaller amounts in these additional areas, so that the muscle groups only weaken rather than freeze. This allows for full movement in those areas, which is especially important in the area around the mouth.


The Result: Balance & Harmony

The overall look that can be achieved is one of balance and poise. The treatment not only smooths the skin and rejuvenates the entire face, but also provides elevator of the brow, tightening of the jawline, and projection of the chin.

voor-na botox

Want to know more? During a free consultation, our cosmetic doctors are happy to take the time to answer all your questions and the treatment can take place immediately afterward.

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