Pump up the volume! My first experience with Sculptra.

Sculptra treatment

Whether I felt something for a treatment with Sculptra injectables to reduce the volume loss in my face? I had to think about that, very carefully. Ultimately, my curiosity was the deciding factor, in combination with the unshakeable confidence that I have in the expertise of cosmetic doctor KNMG Ludy Holst and the fact that Sculptra consists of a 100% biological, natural substance that stimulates the production of collagen.  


The first treatment worked out well. The results of Sculptra appear gradually and can last for two and a half to three years. The production of collagen starts after four weeks and after a few months the effect is clearly visible. Lines and wrinkles are less deep and the skin feels fuller. Also on me. More on that later. There are one to three treatments needed depending on age, lifestyle, quality of skin and wishes of the client.

We decided to report during the second treatment of Sculptra. In other words, an interview from the treatment chair. What exactly happens, how does Ludy determine her working method and how does the client (i.e. me) experience the needle sticking?

While Ludy administers the first injection into the deepest layer of skin, she inspects my skin.

“Your skin has really become more firm! I notice it in the pricking: your skin gives more resistance and I see it in the structure, which is finer. That’s because of the treatment with Sculptra and because you use Environ. That’s a series of products that make your skin firmer, more elastic, so you have less trouble with bruises. I have fifteen years of experience with Sculptra and really know how it works. Of course, the initial situation is different for everyone, everyone has a different skin quality and a different facial structure. If you have a firm skin with beginning volume loss then you can score super well with Sculptra. For effect in a somewhat thinning skin, which already has some volume loss, you need more treatments. It doesn’t happen all at once. I’m going to do another injection here and another one here at the corner of the mouth. You’ll feel those for a while.”


How do you work? Do you have a goal, an envisioning?

“I look at what happens under my hands. How does the skin react? It’s sculpting in small pieces. The first treatment is leading. You are lucky, in your case it worked very well! This is not the case with everyone, sometimes the skin needs more stimulation.

You have pigment spots, which is a degree of skin damage from the sun causing the collagen to decrease a bit. The idea is that I make you look like you did a few years ago, a bit more voluminous than now, but otherwise the same. No talking now…”


I saw the treatment on another client. That was quite a scare: the needle went almost horizontally under the skin. So I know what’s happening, but apart from the pricking of the needle, I don’t feel anything! The pricking does hurt a bit more in some places than others.

“That’s right. Around your mouth and in the middle of your face it is more sensitive. After the injection you feel a kind of tightening, that’s because there is added anesthetic liquid to Sculptra. Half an hour after the treatment, you don’t feel that anymore.”


Do you know from experience how much to apply?

“Yes. I usually work with one vial, two at most. If I have some left over, I’m going to add another shot here later. What an insane skin improvement! Now that I talk about it out loud, I notice even better what Sculptra does. You don’t get this improvement with hyaluronic acid. Because of your acne in the past, quite a bit of collagen was also produced. That’s cold comfort right there!
It is a real shame that people are generally so afraid to do anything. Look at this result… While they are feeling sad about getting older. Or disappointed or pissed off. Especially women feel rejected or reject themselves. I try to get women to love themselves a little again, here in the chair. You are allowed to be there!”

 Why would you recommend Sculptra?

“It is a safe treatment that gives your face a lifted look. The result is always natural, but that’s really the case with all our treatments. Here I had to push for a while, which is why there is now a small lump, but it will soon go away. There are some red spots, but we camouflage them with a little mineral makeup so you don’t see anything.”



What should I do and not do after the treatment?

“Massage your face several times a day for the first few days. You can do that very well with the pre-cleansing oil from Environ. Don’t go to the suntanning bed or sauna and stay out of the sun for a few days. I like to wait a few months, because you can still see improvement after 3 – 6 months. But you can basically have another treatment done after four or six weeks. If clients become more familiar with it then they do”.


A few days later the lump and the red spots are indeed gone. I faithfully massage my face. After a month or two, I don’t see a big difference yet but I can feel it! When cleansing and applying creams I feel more resistance, as if my skin is more ‘filled’. It feels pleasant to the touch. I’m curious how it will develop further, but for now I am satisfied with the results.

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