My Lip Plumping Treatment experience

I was one of the first, lucky few to undergo the Van Lennep Clinic’s new Lip Plumping Treatment; an innovative laser treatment that visibly enhances the colour and volume of your lips, without the use of fillers or injections. And, wow, I’m extremely impressed with the results!



At 35 years of age, my lips were beginning to lose their natural plumpness and my lip line was starting to fade. So, how could I say no to some extra colour and volume? I’d researched lip fillers in the past, but had been reluctant to take the plunge…that was until I heard about this exciting new alternative!

Natural lip augmentation that doesn’t require injections


How does the treatment work?

The Lip Plumping Treatment is performed by a Van Lennep Clinic skin therapist, who uses a Clearlift laser device to stimulate the production of collagen in your lips. This non-invasive rejuvenation device produces a faint ticking sound during treatment and generates a pleasantly warm sensation on your lips.

The Lip Plumping Treatment is completely painless and only takes a few minutes, making it ideal for combining with an occasional peel.


When did I first notice a difference?

Ik heb in totaal vier behandelingen gehad met ongeveer 2-3 weken tussen elke behandeling. Na de eerste twee behandelingen merkte ik nog geen verschil in het volume, wel werd de kleur van mijn lippen mooier en iets roder. Pas na de 3e sessie zag en voelde ik het verschil. Nu net na de 4e sessie ben ik echt al verrast met het resultaat. Het is natuurlijk en net even ietsje meer ‘plumpy’. Een aantal mensen uit mijn omgeving die weten van mijn behandeling zeggen ook echt het verschil te zien. Een aantal hebben inmiddels ook een afspraak gemaakt voor een intake.



End results

I underwent a total of four treatments with approximately 2-3 weeks between each one. Whilst I didn’t notice an increase in volume immediately after the first two treatments, I definitely had more colourful, healthier-looking lips. But it was only after the 3rd session that I truly began to see and feel the difference. I’ve now completed my 4th session and am genuinely surprised by the results. My lips are visibly plumper, yet still retain their natural appearance. A number of people in my social circle (who knew about my treatment) say they can really see the difference. Many have since booked their own intake session at the clinic.


What does the treatment cost?

The Lip Plumping package comprises four treatments and costs €350. We recommend undergoing an annual maintenance treatment to maintain your results.


You can read more about our Lip Plumping Treatment here. Keen to restore natural-looking volume and definition to your lips but prefer to avoid needles or injections? Then book an appointment with our professional skin therapist.

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