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Ludy’s Blog

19 Feb

5 facts about botox and fillers you didn’t know!

Botox and fillers, you’ve probably heard these two terms before. Maybe you’re wondering what exactly the difference is between these two injectables and what they’re used for. Are you looking for more information about botox and fillers? In this blog we’re talking about 5 facts about botox and fillers you probably didn’t know!   1. […]


28 Jan

Ludy’s blog – the latest trend: liquid facelifts based on the MD Codes system

MD Codes is a term that you’ll increasingly come across in relation to filler treatments. But what exactly does this system entail and why is it the preferred approach? In this blog, I explain the latest beauty trend in more detail.   The MD Codes were developed by Dr. Mauricio De Maio. In recent years, […]


19 Dec

Glow in the dark

The month of January is chock-a-block with New Year’s drinks, dinners and parties, so you’ll want to look fresh and well-groomed. The Van Lennep Clinic offers a selection of ZO Skin Health treatments that deep cleanse your skin and lend it an irresistibly healthy glow in just forty-five minutes.   Cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst is […]


31 Oct


Turning fifty is the perfect opportunity for some self-reflection … In my work as a cosmetic doctor, I devote each day to improving the appearance of every client, and regularly contribute to the prevention, reduction or elimination of the external signs of aging.   “Aging gracefully is my mission!”   What I don’t tend to […]


9 Aug

Botox lips. The facts

‘Botox lips’ is one of the most commonly searched cosmetic terms on the internet. Tap these two words into your search engine and you’ll be deluged with images depicting treated lips. No wonder we receive so many questions from customers about ‘Botox lip’ treatments, even though they don’t exist! In fact, the lips cannot be […]


30 Jul

Blog menopause consultant


1 May

“The profession of the cosmetic doctor finally gets recognition!”


4 Apr

HELLO gorgeous

Van Lennep Kliniek is all about skin improvement. The best trained doctors, consultants and skin therapists use their professional expertise to achieve the most beautiful result.   Look fresher, more attractive, less tired or younger? The team at Van Lennep takes every request seriously. During a free initial consultation, the client’s wishes are discussed in […]

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