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Van Lennep Kliniek is all about skin improvement. The best trained doctors, consultants and skin therapists use their professional expertise to achieve the
most beautiful result.

Owner and cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst

Look fresher, more attractive, less tired or younger? The team at Van Lennep takes every request seriously. During a free initial consultation, the client’s wishes are discussed in detail. ‘We take our time,’ says the manager of the clinic. ‘These days, it’s hard for the consumer to choose from the huge range of treatments and providers available out there. How do you decide what is good and what will give you the best result? We work with Botox, fillers and lasers, among other things. That’s not nothing, which is why we inform people properly, discuss the risks, adopt a carefully considered stepby-step plan and provide a service tailored to every individual client’s needs. We want to offer the absolute best and want everyone to leave the clinic looking more beautiful, with a natural radiance.’


Knowledge and experience

Owner and cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst set up the clinic ten years ago. In November, the third practice was opened, the second in The Hague. ‘We follow the trends in the market and continue to develop ourselves, hence our diversity of treatments. All of them focused on antiageing. We always explain what skin ageing entails, what role lifestyle habits play and how you can prevent deterioration. It’s so much more than injecting fillers and Botox. The whole picture has to be right. We have a trained eye, see what treatment will make you look more cheerful or less angry, what works or what really doesn’t. And often, that’s different from what you had expected. Make use of that.’


Professional and personal

The team works like a well-oiled machine and every therapist is up-to-date on injectables and skin improvement. ‘We take before and after photos, keep exact digital records of what treatments our clients are having and what skin care products are being used. We also do this for clients who only buy a product in the shop. We want to give everyone the best service for their money.
Part of that is personal contact, which we find so important. It doesn’t matter how you book an appointment: online, via email or by telephone. Right from the start, we ask you to provide relevant information so we can get to know you. We feel incredibly responsible for the wellbeing of every client.’

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