Ludy’s blog – the latest trend: liquid facelifts based on the MD Codes system

MD Codes is a term that you’ll increasingly come across in relation to filler treatments. But what exactly does this system entail and why is it the preferred approach? In this blog, I explain the latest beauty trend in more detail.


The MD Codes were developed by Dr. Mauricio De Maio. In recent years, this renowned plastic surgeon and his team provided me with intensive training, both at home in the Netherlands and abroad. I greatly admire his vision and approach. The MD Codes originated from the 8-Point Lift, a technique that was introduced by Dr. Mauricio De Maio in 2010. It was the first time that a filler treatment was performed by ‘strategically’ combining various injection points. The objective was to achieve a non-surgical facelift without scars or downtime. Several MD Codes were subsequently conceived in 2015. The system divides the face into 3 areas (upper face, mid face and lower face) and specifies a number of precise injection sites per area.


A liquid facelift can be readily performed using 24 ml, a practice that’s not common in the Netherlands. Yet, it’s essential to give the entire face the right amount of volume, in order to combat aging and restore a youthful appearance. I talked about the skin’s various ‘layers’ in a previous blog. The signs of aging don’t simply manifest in one place, and you can only achieve natural results by effectively combining techniques and consequently restoring volume in multiple sites. A comprehensive customer selection and facial assessment is therefore extremely important.

Dr. De Maio developed his ingenious injection system based on more than 20 years of hands-on experience. The MD codes are thus an excellent tool for performing injections with optimum results.


What are the benefits?

In the past, customers tended to visit our clinic (and still do) with the goal of improving a troublesome area of their face, and preferably using a procedure that would pinpoint the location of the actual ‘wrinkle’. The current trend, and the approach now adopted by the Van Lennep Clinic team, focuses on the entire face. Continuing to treat one restricted area ultimately compromises facial balance. For this reason, the MD Codes don’t target one specific area, but rather concentrate on the face in its entirety and treat multiple sites.


Chart with ’emotional attribures’

As part of his MD Codes system, Dr. de Maio also introduced the concept of ‘emotional attributes.’ Instead of exclusively treating specific areas, we also ask you to specify, with the help of a chart, what you’d like to achieve with your treatment. That way we can better assess which procedure is best suited to your requirements.

I look forward to devising a personalised treatment plan for you this year and, with that in mind, hope to see you during one of my consultation hours in the near future.


Love, Ludy

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