Botox lips. The facts

‘Botox lips’ is one of the most commonly searched cosmetic terms on the internet. Tap these two words into your search engine and you’ll be deluged with images depicting treated lips. No wonder we receive so many questions from customers about ‘Botox lip’ treatments, even though they don’t exist!

In fact, the lips cannot be injected with Botox. So: time to dispel the myths and furnish you with the facts!

Botox lippen? The feiten op een rijtje


Fact 1
Botox and fillers are both examples of injectables. These are, as their name suggests, injected with a needle.


Fact 2
The shape and volume of your lips can be enhanced using a filler comprising hyaluronic acid.


Fact 3
What’s the difference between Botox and fillers?

Botox relaxes the muscles, making dynamic wrinkles (resulting from movement) less visible and causing them to slowly disappear. The most popular Botox treatment is for frown lines.

Fillers are used for restoring facial volume and enhancing face shape and contour. This reduces static wrinkles or fine lines and can improve contours. Clinics typically work with fillers made from hyaluronic acid or Sculptra poly-lactic acid.


Fact 4
Botox cannot be injected into the red of the lip or the lip contour. However, it can be used in the area around the mouth, to treat drooping mouth corners, muscle tension in the chin (resulting in dimples) or a gummy smile for example. The goal here is a reduction in excessive muscle strength, as opposed to an increase in volume. In the case of excessive facial expression, Botox can also weaken lip pursing, making fine lines less visible. This is often complemented with a Restylane Skinbooster treatment.

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