Glow in the dark

The month of January is chock-a-block with New Year’s drinks, dinners and parties, so you’ll want to look fresh and well-groomed. The Van Lennep Clinic offers a selection of ZO Skin Health treatments that deep cleanse your skin and lend it an irresistibly healthy glow in just forty-five minutes.


Cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst is extremely enthusiastic about the Brightalive and Rozatrol HydraFacials, which are performed by the clinic’s resident skin therapists: “You’ll be doing your skin a huge favour with this highly-effective, skin-enhancing treatment. Particularly at this time of year, when the central heating is on full blast and you’re spending more time than usual indoors. A fact that’s all too evident from your dry, itchy skin, which is dull and uncomfortable to the touch. It feels coarser and the permanent sun damage from the summer months is plainly visible in the form of age spots, red patches and other imperfections. ZO Skin Health products and treatments improve your skin demonstrably, resulting in a smoother, more radiant complexion after only one treatment.”



In fact, the HydraFacial carefully exposes a fresh layer of skin using a process of intensive cleansing and gentle exfoliation. “In a total of three steps, the treatment effectively removes dead skin cells, deep-cleanses the pores and administers precisely the right dose of acids, antioxidants and vitamins for long-term results.”


No pain all gain

For longer-lasting results, you can continue working on healthy skin at home using a professional skin enhancement product following your treatment. The ZO Skin Health products developed by Dr. Zein Obagi ensure that cell and skin function are permanently enhanced. “We advise which unique combination of products and treatments is the most suitable for tackling your particular skin problem (including couperose, pigmentation spots, rosacea and excessive sebum production) for a truly bespoke solution.


In addition to peelings, ZO Skin Health has also developed special serums for use in the clinic. The Brightalive serum (for pigmentation) and Rozatrol serum (for redness) can be used as an additional booster during your treatment for example.


You need the right tool for the job. It’s such a shame to use products that are ineffective or, worse, aggravate your condition. “Trust in our advice and invest in healthy skin. The Brightalive and Rozatrol HydraFacial treatments are guaranteed to have you shine throughout the New Year celebrations.”


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