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Every woman is unique and experiences menopause in her own way. The hormonal fluctuations can cause various problems. The complaints are often dismissed as just being “part of your age”. Nonsense, for almost every client there’s a suitable solution. In view of our current knowledge and experience, “it’s just part of life” is no longer of this day and age!


Ingrid-Kloesmeijer-Koopmans is a menopause consultant at Van Lennep Kliniek. She provides the right guidance and helps you with finding a solution that suits you.


The beginning of the menopause

Did you notice that too? You are exercising and you notice that you are warmer than before. You also sweat more than you used to. And the next morning you feel stiff and your joints really hurt more than you are used to. You think at first, that was a tough training. But at the next training you notice it again. Less condition comes to mind. But that is actually not possible. There is a good chance that you will have to deal with the start of the menopause.


Complaints during the menopause

The menopause can cause many complaints. Complaints that you can live well with, but also complaints that limit your daily functioning. Both physically and mentally. A number of examples are hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, which makes you tired and sometimes irritated during the day. Having varying moods, excessive and irregular bleeding, dry eyes so that contact lenses are no longer tolerated. Joint complaints, weight gain, sagging and the drying of your skin. And so, I can go on and on.

The complaints can have so much influence on your daily functioning that you decide to see your doctor. After you have explained it, you get the answer: “it is part of the menopause and will passes naturally”. This is often true, but it does not mean that we could not ease these complaints, so that we can make this period a little more pleasant.


Our menopause consultant makes you feel better

During this period in your life, I would like to be there for you. I provide the right guidance and help you with finding a solution that suits you and will make you feel better. You can make an appointment via the front office employees and if necessary we can have your blood sampled. Allow yourself this opportunity and I look forward to seeing you at my office hour.

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