5 facts about botox and fillers you didn’t know!

5 facts about botox and fillers you didn't know

Botox and fillers, you’ve probably heard these two terms before. Maybe you’re wondering what exactly the difference is between these two injectables and what they’re used for. Are you looking for more information about botox and fillers? In this blog we’re talking about 5 facts about botox and fillers you probably didn’t know!


1. Botox doesn’t work for volume loss

Botox is a muscle relaxer that makes sure that an overactive muscle gets put to rest temporarily. Botox is commonly used for forehead lines, glabellar lines and crow’s feet. Botox makes those muscles temporarily inactive, so there will appear no more new lines. Fillers on the other hand work perfect for filling in those place with volume loss such as hollow cheeks, lips, a deep nose-lip fold or a tear through that makes you look tired. Make sure you get the right advise from one of our cosmetic doctors abour what fits best for you.


2. Botox isn’t directly visible, fillers are!

A difference between botox and fillers is that the result of a botox treatment isn’t directly visible. After the treatment the botox needs time to sink in and after 48 hours you’ll begin to see a difference. The muscle is completely blocked in approximately two weeks and then you’re able to see the final result of a botox treatment. It is recommended to set a check up appointment after two weeks, that way the cosmetic doctor is able to see if the preferred result is achieved.

With fillers you see results right after the treatment! Most fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid, this is a body substance that brings extra volume. Fillers are commonly used for filling in the more static wrinkles or to embellish the contours of the face and add volume.

By using this filler the face gets a hydration boost and a more youthful look! We all want this, right?


3. Fillers for different causes

There are all sorts of fillers that are used for different causes. Those fillers each have their own consistency, with which you can mimic all kinds of tissue. You can think of adipose tissue for filling in hollow cheeks and bone tissue for mimicing a tight jawline. Many people think that fillers are only suited for filling in lips, but nothing is less true. Fillers are excellent for reducing dark circles under your eyes, to tighten the jawline or to accentuate the cheekbones. We love a natural result at Van Lennep Kliniek. Each face is unique and that’s why every treatment plan is unique. At a no-obligation consultation we can look at all the possibilities.


4. The effect of botos and fillers are temporarily

Both botox and fillers get discomposed by the body after some time. The active substances of botox are getting discomposed quicker compared to fillers. You can enjoy the results of a botox treatment for about 3-6 months. Then it’s time to set a follow-up appointment. Fillers last longer, about 10-14 months. After this period of time the result slowly declines. You don’t have to worry about permanent injectables. In fact, permanent fillers are forbidden since 2015 and are not allowed to be used for cosmetic purposes anymore because they might bring complications on the long term. At Van Lennnep Kliniek our cosmetic doctors only use temporarily fillers.


5. Botox can be used for multiple purposes

A big misconception about botox is that it’s only suitable for cosmetic purposes, but nothing is less true! Botox is a great solution for excessive sweating, headcache complaints, downward corners of the mouth, drooping eyebrows and even for gritting teeth. At Van Lennep Kliniek our experienced specialists take enough time for each treatment.


Not every face is the same and that’s why every treatment is unique! Are you curious about what our cosmetic doctors KNMG can do for you? Make an appointment here for a no-obligation consultation!

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