Blog: Seline shares her experience on the new treatment Microneedling & Peel | GLOW

Recently I had the opportunity to undergo the new combination treatment, Microneedling & Peel | Glow. I would like to share my experience and results of this beautiful treatment. In this treatment, microneedling is first applied to a depth of up to 0.5 mm. Then the gel peel of SkinCeuticals is applied. This consists of 20% glycolic acid and 10% lactic acid.


My skin quality prior to treatment:

· Slightly dull skin;

· PIH is present (pigmentation spots that appear after pimples and inflammation). Especially on the jaw line and cheeks and double chin and neck;

· Pore structure is fairly coarse;

· Small acne outbreaks, especially at the area of the double chin, jawline and chin;

· Mild melasma under the eyes and on the cheekbone.

How do I experience the treatment?

Microneedling is always a little sensitive, but since this treatment is done at a maximum depth of 0.5, it is not too bad. The treatment is also performed very quickly, so the sensitive sensation is over. Only during the ”needling” you feel a kind of mini sandpaper that is well present, what feels sharp, and on the skin ”slide”. The peeling that is applied afterwards gives a stinging feeling for about 3 minutes. Then you feel a mild (fine) warmth in the skin. This should not be cooled.

Immediately after treatment:

The skin feels warm and a little tight, the skin also feels a little fuller and firmer. A bit of a plumping effect. The skin is a little redder and a little warmer than normal and sensitive.

Photo 1: Result immediately after microneedling & peel | GLOW

1-2 days after treatment

The skin feels a little tight and taut and mild redness is present. Furthermore, it is slightly sensitive when touched. This sensation persists for approximately 2 days.

Photo 2: Result 1-2 days after Microneedling & Peel | GLOW.

3 to 4 days after treatment

By the third and fourth day, the redness has pretty much subsided. You can still see a very mild red glow. It looks like my skin has a very healthy color. The skin is no longer sensitive and tight. I already notice that there is less PIH, that I have less acne (breakouts) and in addition, my pigmentation is slowly starting to go away. Also, my skin feels smoother and healthier.

Photo 3: Result 3-4 days after Microneedling & Peel | GLOW

One week after treatment

My skin is very calm. I have fewer acne breakouts, less PIH and the melasma is also less. The pore structure is also less coarse now. All in all, I am very pleased with the new treatment and really notice a nice difference in: acne, PIH, melasma and pore structure. I am also slowly noticing some increase in volume and firmness now.

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