Why an increasing number of men are accentuating their jawline using fillers

What’s the first thing that you notice when you meet someone for the first time? For most people, it’s their eyes or their smile. No matter which facial feature you hone in on, it’s clear that your face can make a lasting impression on others. A strong jawline and a well-defined chin is considered an attractive trait in both men and women.


You might not think it’d be the first thing that people notice, but a slack jawline can be a source of insecurity for many. And if you’re unhappy about a particular facial feature, this can affect both your professional and personal life.

Kaaklijn accentueren mannen

There’s no doubt about it; men can definitely benefit from jawline fillers! In fact, the strong jawline of their younger years is one of the features that men hanker after most. The jawline can start to sag or slacken with age, resulting in a less youthful appearance. Research additionally shows that men can lose their strong jawline due to a reduction in testosterone levels, which can also occur in younger men. Such men typically want to look more masculine. Many clients consequently opt for a jawline filler to accentuate one of their most striking facial features.


Jawline fillers are designed to give your face a firmer, slimmer, more chiselled appearance. They can also provide greater distinction between your neck and face.


Jawline filler treatments are not invasive. The procedure requires zero downtime and the results are instantly visible. The effects of a Juvederm Volux hyaluronic acid filler last approximately two years.


Our highly qualified cosmetic doctors will discuss which filler is the best match to your skin and facial structure during your intake session.

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