The Zoom Boom

Increase in cosmetic treatments due to the many video conferencing

The demand for cosmetic treatments such as botox and fillers has increased dramatically worldwide since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact that we are forced to constantly look at our own face is causing an increase in Anti-Aging treatments such as botox and fillers. People want to show their best face during online Zoom meetings.

Zoom Boom

Recovering at home

Something we hear from many customers when we ask why they took the step to make an appointment. “I only notice now how often I frown, when I am in a online meeting”, or “I hate to look at my tired look”. Another advantage is that you can plan a treatment while working from home and that there is more time to recover unseen. “When I’m outside I wear a mouth mask anyway. so my face is largely covered”.

Want to go into the next meeting with a relaxed look?

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