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Eye bags, dark circles, a tired look?

Everyone gets bags under the eyes, but sometimes they pop up all the time and make you look tired all the time. Tear holes become more noticeable due to loss of volume. As we age, this process gradually accelerates, but more frequent tear pits can also be genetic and/or also present from childhood. The reduction in volume causes the dark circles, extra shadowing and bags under the eyes.

‘The older you become, the more volume you lose in your face,’ explains drs. Ludy Holst, cosmetic doctor KNMG and owner of the Van Lennep Kliniek. ‘Due to bone resorption, fat loss and increasingly thin skin, your face slips a little away from your skull.’ This process doesn’t manifest itself the same way in everyone. Some people notice volume loss in the temples, while others notice puffiness that even the best night’s sleep can’t match. Tear trough fillers are designed to address the last problem.


What are tear trough fillers?

‘The tear trough is a kind of deep crease that extends from the inner corner of your eye to below your lower eyelid,’ Holst explains. ‘You can fix this through filler treatment. Using fillers reduces the shadow under your eyes and gives you a fresh look again.


Indications for correction at the tear trough:

– the appearance of dark circles under the eyes;

– the appearance of a “tired look”;

– the appearance of mimic wrinkles in the periorbital area.



– a tendency to swelling in the periorbital area;

– The presence of pronounced herniation of the lower eyelids;

– recovery period after eyelid surgery (4-6 months);

– inflammatory processes in the periorbital area (keratitis, uveitis, neuritis, diabetic retinopathy, endocrine ophthalmopathy).


Tear trough filler price

‘Comparing prices is often comparing apples to oranges,’ Holst explains. ‘A girl of 25 will have a different price than a woman of 65. This happens because older women have lost more volume over the years.’ To paint a picture anyway: Tear gutter filler treatments start at €350. In addition, Dr. Ludy Holst recommends always checking what you are actually buying and what services are covered by the price. The quality of providers can vary greatly, and cheap can quickly become expensive for inexperienced practitioners.


Tekst written by: URMI PAHLADSINGH  

Article published in Harper’s BAZAAR 

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