TCA-peeling: intensive peeling for the winter

Winter is just around the corner and that means we can get to work with our more intensive peelings!

Peelings can be used very well for different indications, such as skin aging, pigmentation, scars, a coarse skin structure, acne or rosacea. Moreover, a peeling can also be used for beautiful anti-aging.

So there are many different peelings, with different types of acids that each have their own purpose.

After the summer we often see more pigmentation, fine lines and dull skin. A TCA peel is a suitable treatment to reduce this.


But what is a TCA peel?

A TCA peel, also known as a Trichloroacetic Acid peel, is one of the strongest peels that can be used against skin aging, pigmentation problems, fine lines and scars.

The TCA molecule is very small so it gets into the deeper skin layers. This ensures that the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated, perfect to treat fine lines and skin aging! In addition, it provides exfoliation of the top layer of skin and recovery. Hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage or a pregnancy mask is therefore gradually becoming less visible.


For whom is a TCA peel suitable?

A TCA peel can be used for all skin types. From the lightest skin to the darkest skin. In addition, someone does not necessarily have to have a thick skin to be treated but a thinning skin and sensitive skin can also be treated well.


To achieve the best and most results it is important to properly prepare the skin. For this it is important that the skin barrier is intact and healthy. This is largely done by working at home with cleansers and toners based on glycolic acid, vitamin A or retinol and of course a UV protection. The better the skin condition and skin barrier is the better the result of the peel and the longer you keep the result!


If the treatment can be started after the preparation, the skin therapist evaluates which concentration of TCA can be used. Thus, the skin therapist can gradually intensify the concentration of the TCA peel based on the skin condition and your desire. Thus, it is not always best and safest to start with the highest concentration of TCA.

A TCA peel can be applied to specific areas on the face and also combined with other treatments such as microneedling to intensify the treatment.


What can you expect after a TCA peel?

  • Day 1: Your skin feels dry.
  • Day 2: Your skin feels tight and dry. This may cause an itching or burning sensation. Certain areas may appear darker.
  • Day 3: The shedding process begins.  This takes 3-7 days on average. After that, very small sheets may still be present on the skin.


What is the result after a TCA peel?

  • Refreshed appearance of the skin
  • Improving the condition of the skin
  • Brightening of pigmentation spots
  • Improving skin structure, refining the pores
  • Reducing fine lines


The result depends on several factors such as the condition of the skin, the preparation and aftercare with skin-enhancing products, UV protection and whether the treatment is part of a series of treatments.

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