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Rain or shine, applying an SPF is part of the daily routine. At the clinic, we have appropriate products available for every desire and skin type. We listed some of Van Lennep’s favorites below.


Environ’s RAD SPF 15


“RAD SPF 15 is the perfect daily protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreens and solar reflectors present in this product have an SPF 15 while the natural antioxidants provide increased sun protection and repair to sun-damaged skin.”

Ludy Holst, Cosmetic doctor KNMG 





ZO Skin Health’s Smart Tone SPF 50


“The Smart Tone feels silky smooth when you massage it onto the skin. Among other things, it contains melanin, an active and natural ingredient. The high level of vitamin C also gives you a hint of color.”  

Kristel Ehmer, Clinic Assistant 





SkinCeuticals Mineral Radiance SPF 50


“Because of its 100% mineral filters, this sun protection is suitable for any skin. The skin gets a radiant complexion and is water-resistant, so it’s ideal for summer at the beach.”

Margot de Nennie, Skin Therapist





PowderMe SPF 30 


“A powdered sunscreen to be used on the face and body. The product contains titanium dioxide and sun-dried clay and is completely free of harmful or polluting substances. Available in three colors: Translucent, Tanned, and Golden.  Always easy to powder on top of your makeup for a little extra SPF”

Fleur Dwars, Skin Therapist




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