Rana Adamo – Skin Therapist

Rana AdamoMy heart lies in health care and during my study for becoming a doctor’s assistant, I already knew that I wanted to continue studying and specialise in skin diseases. I soon found myself studying skintherapy. After completing this study, I gained my work experience at various skin clinics, practices and hospitals.  


Our skin is an important organ and I know that skin disorders often have a great impact on the psychological level. I also know that it is sometimes difficult to treat. For me, this makes the challenge all the greater and even more interesting.   

Together with the client (and possibly other disciplines, such as doctors), I want to find the right treatment with the most beautiful outcome and the best result.  



When I’m not treating at Van Lennep Kliniek, I like to immerse myself in the further development of material (protocols, measuring instruments, treatment methods, etc.). My passion is contributing to and increasing the quality of life of my clients. I like to actively dedicate myself to this.  

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