* Covid-19 guidelines & relaxing measures *

Fortunately, more and more relaxation measures take place and through this way we would like to inform you about the Covid-19 related quality and safety guidelines in our clinics from June 26.


General guidelines & relaxation measures

  • You are welcome in our stores, for product advice, purchases, your treatment (by appointment) and to make an appointment (this can also be done online);
  • When you enter the clinic we still ask you to disinfect your hands. Wearing a mouth mask is no longer mandatory for clients;
  • Our staff will wear a mouth mask when the 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed. This will generally apply to doctors and skin therapists during intakes and treatments. Our front office staff will not wear a mouth mask when they are behind the plexiglass and the 1.5 meters is guaranteed;
  • Our staff is fully vaccinated;
  • Clients receive an email one day prior to the scheduled appointment in which we ask them to fill out the medical questionnaire. This includes the triage questions regarding your health;
  • We want to be able to guarantee the 1.5 meters, so please come alone to your appointment as much as possible;
  • We can again provide you with a nice cup of coffee, tea, or glass of water;
  • We are happy to apply beautiful make-up on you after your treatment.

Filler treatment and Covid-19 vaccination
There is a very small chance of side effects after a filler treatment, if it takes place within two weeks before or after the vaccination. Temporary side effects are thickening and redness at the treated site. This reaction is because the immune system becomes more active due to the vaccination. Despite the fact that this is a very rare reaction, we want to prevent it at the Van Lennep Klinic and therefore we postpone hyaluronic acid filler treatments until at least two weeks after your vaccination.

Botox, Skinboosters, Sculptra, or treatments at the skin therapist do not need to be postponed.


Team Van Lennep Kliniek