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Dissatisfied with the contours of your jaw and therefore considering of a jawline filler? Make sure you are prepared when you enter the consulting room of a cosmetic doctor. Good preparation is essential for a pleasant and safe injectable treatment. What can you actually expect from the before and after picture of a jawline filler treatment? What do jawline fillers cost? And what things can you do yourself to speed up the recovery after an injectable treatment? Harper’s Bazaar, along with a cosmetic doctor Ludy Holst, lists the most important information about jawline fillers for you.



Why jawline fillers?

Although it is not the most popular injectable treatment, there are many reasons why people are still interested in jawline fillers. ‘Some people find their jawline too masculine and others find it too feminine,’ says Drs. Ludy Holst, cosmetic physician KNMG and owner of the Van Lennep Clinic. ‘The jawline can also sag very much over the years, giving you fat lobes that hang off your jawline. These so-called ‘teabags’ create a very outdated and gloomy appearance. Jawline fillers can provide a more youthful look in such cases.’



Jawline filler price range

‘The price of a jawline filler treatment starts from 550 euros,’ Holst says. ‘But ultimately the price really depends on the shape of your face. For example, a man’s jaw is already a bit more square. If the jawline expands there, you can already treat that with 0.5 ml of a filler per side.’

‘A woman’s jaw has more of a triangle shape, so it expands downward more easily,’ Holst says. ‘Because of this, women run into a higher price for jawline filler treatment more quickly than men.’ Holst does have a tip for saving money in the long run. ‘Start on time! That way, the amount of volume loss is limited and you don’t have to inject as many milliliters of filler per treatment.’



Jawline filler dangers

‘In the jaw area there are also the salivary glands,’ Holst explains ‘If you pierce a gland with the needle, it can become inflamed and that is very unpleasant.’ Symptoms of such inflammation include swelling, pain, and a pulsating sensation. Furthermore, you can also damage nerves during treatment, after which a part of your face may feel numbness.

With any filler treatment, there is also a chance that the filler will end up in a blood vessel. Fortunately, this is less likely to happen with a qualified doctor. You can also use the substance hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler quickly if it does go wrong unexpectedly. If you don’t get to it in time, no blood will reach a part of your face for too long and that part will die. Of course, you want to avoid all these complications at all costs. The first step is to choose a good surgeon.



Good providers of jawline fillers

‘The most important thing is to choose a doctor with a lot of experience,’ Holst says. So not one who does injectables occasionally on the side, but one who puts in a lot of hours and follows refresher courses. A quality mark that helps you on your way with the preselection is the title of cosmetic doctor KNMG. This title is only awarded to doctors who are trained in the profession and have been tested on their skills. On the website of the Dutch Society of Cosmetic Medicine, you will find a register of all cosmetic doctors KNMG.



Tips for recovery after a jawline filler

‘This treatment is basically a lunchtime makeover,’ Holst explains. ‘That means that after a jawline filler treatment, you can often resume your normal activities the same day.’ Of course, there’s always the chance of a blue spot. Luckily you can minimize the chance of this by preparing yourself well for the treatment. Don’t drink any alcohol beforehand and don’t take any blood thinners,’ says Holst. ‘Also, it’s important that you don’t have a dentist appointment for surgery just before or after your jawline filler treatment.’


Tekst written by: URMI PAHLADSINGH  

Article published in Harper’s BAZAAR 


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