Filler treatments now even safer thanks to Lumify ultrasound

The Van Lennep Kliniek is one of the first cosmetic clinics in the Netherlands to utilise the Lumify; a practical and extremely high-quality ultrasound procedure, which can be harnessed during injectable consultations. Indeed, it’s an invaluable technique that enables the detailed examination of the deeper facial layers prior to aesthetic treatments.

Why is this tool so invaluable?

One of the key reasons for using the Lumify ultrasound tool, is that it can facilitate even safer injectable treatments, particularly in the case of hyaluronic acid fillers. The sound waves project an image of the soft and hard structures of the face and reveal additional features that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Veilige fillerbehandeling met Lumify echografie

The Lumify can be used for several purposes

1. Imaging previous filler treatments

The ultrasound can provide a detailed image of previous filler treatments in the event of any uncertainty. Clients who have undergone treatments elsewhere often no longer remember what brands and products were used or which sites were treated. The Lumify clearly exposes hyaluronic acid fillers and (now prohibited) permanent fillers. The latter is particularly important since, as their name suggests, these are permanent. The Lumify procedure allows new filler treatments to be calibrated accordingly to avoid any complications. The treatment can consequently be performed in a safe manner.


2. Imaging anatomy

Each face is different, including its anatomy. The ultrasound procedure enables the imaging of vascular structures, thus making injections safer. The doctor has the benefit of a detailed facial anatomy at their disposal which, in practice, is useful when treating clients with congenital facial defects or abnormal bruising that’s not linked to the use of blood thinners.


3. Treating side effects

Ultrasound also plays a key role in managing complications. It can be used to examine the exact size and site of the filler, and can additionally detect blocked blood vessels, cysts or inflammation. This facilitates the deployment of a highly targeted treatment, such as dissolving the filler using hyaluronidase for example, or commencing anti-inflammatory medication. Whilst such undesirable complications are thankfully rare, we’re always prepared for them.

Does every client undergo an ultrasound prior to their filler treatment?


No, fortunately that’s not necessary. The intake session is used to specifically determine whether any of the issues mentioned in points 1 to 3 above may apply. The cosmetic doctor will perform the ultrasound in the event of any uncertainty.


In short, the Van Lennep Kliniek is your one-stop shop for safe aesthetic treatments using the very latest innovations.

“Lumify ultrasound in practice by Drs. van der Made-Netten”

Drs. Ludy Holst oefent op kipfilet tijdens cursus

“Drs. Ludy Holst is practicing on chicken breast during course”

Who performs the ultrasound?

Dr. Ludy Holst completed an esteemed ultrasound course last year. Dr. Magali van der Made-Netten gained extensive ultrasound experience in her previous work as a gynaecologist and continues to undergo regular training to hone the technique.

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