Earlobe correction

Torn or punctured earlobes can result from years of using (heavy) earrings. The holes tear out, which can lead to loss of your jewelry, as well as a disfiguring appearance of the earlobe(s). Additionally, your earlobes may have been stretched by wearing “stretchers” and you no longer wish to wear them. Fortunately, this can be corrected with a small procedure under local anesthesia. An earlobe heals very nicely, with no visible scar. By means of an earlobe correction, the earlobes can be repaired and even after some months, holes can be shot in them again.

De Behandeling

For a torn earlobe, the tissue around the tear is removed and the skin is brought together and stitched. Keep in mind that the scar can always remain visible. Ask your doctor about our Colostrum gel from Environ, which is very suitable for the wound and scar to heal properly.

If the earlobe is too large or is reconstructed, the location of the incision and scar will depend on the type of reconstruction. In the case of a reduction, it will run on the underside of the earlobe. After the reconstruction of the ear lobe, the wound edges are sutured together with soluble stitches and covered with a bandage. After the procedure you can go home immediately and resume your daily activities.


After the procedure, the skin around the earlobe may be sensitive. The skin is still under tension. It is possible that the earlobes are still red, swollen and sensitive or just numb one to two weeks after surgery. All these symptoms are not worrisome and disappear after a few weeks.


The result varies with skin type, but in general, the scars from an earlobe correction will often be barely visible over time.


In the case of treatment for a torn earlobe, the scar is in a more visible location. This scar will remain visible. After a recovery period of a few months, the skin and underlying structures are often strong enough again to accommodate new earring holes if necessary.


The cost of this treatment, single sided, or double sided can be found in our price list.

Recovery takes about 10 days on average, but the treated area may still be sensitive, or insensitive, for the first few weeks.

The earlobe correction is done under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes, allowing you to go home immediately after the surgery. Unlike an ear correction (otoplasty), wearing a headband is not necessary.

An earlobe correction is applied to both men, and women, in whom an earlobe looks different, is large or torn due to, for example, wearing an earring or stretchers. Even after an earlobe correction you can wear your favorite earrings again after a few months.

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