Best Summer Beauty Treatments


Summer is just around the corner, and that often means that you want to look as good as possible for the next few months. The right beauty treatments will help you hold onto that summer glow for as long as possible. We’ve put together a top three list of products and treatments that you can’t afford to miss. And best of all, some, if not all of these treatments can be done at home!



When it comes to looking good in the summer, it all starts with…the skin. To soften your skin, make it feel softer and look more radiant, regular exfoliation, or an exfoliating treatment like HydraFacial is an absolute must. With this fine treatment, dead skin cells and impurities are instantly removed and vitamins are infused with an instant beautiful glow as a result.  


Scrub at Home 

A scrub for home is available in both the liquid version and a variant with a light grain structure. The Exfoliating Polish from ZO Skin Health contains round magnesium crystals that cannot damage the skin (over-scrubbing). The Night Cream from Environ is great for the evening and provides the right combination of acids for natural and gentle removal of dead skin cells.


Summer Laser facial 

Clearlift is the laser treatment that can be done all year round. The laser penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and keeps the top layer of skin intact, so there is no risk of pigmentation from the sun. The ClearLift works against wrinkles, fine lines, and skin firming. Did you know you can also combine the ClearLift with HydraFacial for an even more intensive effect on the skin? This can be done safely in the summer.


Protect & Don’t Forget

We can’t stress it enough: Protect yourself from the sun if you want to prevent premature aging. Most people want a summer tan. But if you don’t protect your skin properly, it can be damaged beyond repair, which can result in skin cancer. Reason enough to invest in a good quality sun cream with a moderate to high SPF. From € 33, – In addition to these products, it is always smart to cover up properly on your way to the beach, or during a walk. Straw hats are the trend this summer!

Ultra Hydration Treatment  

Had too much sun anyway? Apply a cooling gel to soothe irritated skin. The Aloe Vera product Phyto-Corrective Gel or Masque from SkinCeuticals provides immediate relief. As does the Anti-Oxidant gel from Environ. The Ultra Hydration Treatment in the salon is also awesome for extra hydration.

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