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A peeling removes damaged and dead skin cells from the outer skin layer. The healthy skin will appear and is stimulated to produce collagen. The skin will be tighter and firmer, with a fresh look. A chemical or medical peeling is very effective:

  • reducing the appearance of fine lines
  • refreshing a gray face
  • reducing acne
  • reducing pigmentation spots or sun damage

Our professional chemical peelings are based on acids. Different strengths are possible; from light to intense. Our skin therapist will screen your skin in advance to see which peeling is right for you. Van Lennep Clinic only uses safe peelings, such as Environ and ZO Skin Health.


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Our peels

Our Environ light peeling removes a thin layer of skin. By means of a low concentration of lactic acid, a ph-reduction of the skin is achieved and the release of growth factors is stimulated. Bacteria are destroyed, hydration of the skin is promoted and dead skin cells are removed. The skin becomes purer, the skin structure smoother and irregularities fade. For an optimal result, the peeling is offered in a course of 3 to 6 treatments.


The treatment:

First of all, the skin will be cleaned after which the peeling, focused on the skin condition, is applied. Subsequently, skin-improving and protective products are applied and, if desired, a healthy makeup of Jane Iredale is applied.


Skin reactions after the light peeling treatment:

The first few days after the treatment, the skin may feel drier and more sensitive and small flakes may become visible. After about a week, the skin will look brighter and healthier.



  • Obsolete skin
  • hornified/thickened skin
  • sun-kissed skin
  • rosacea

Costs light peeling

A light peeling of Environ costs €75,-

he Facial Stimulator Peel of ZO Skin Health is an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) medium peeling, consisting of a combination of glycolic acid, citric acid and lactic acid. The skin is stimulated to cell renewal and the skin gets a clear complexion. For an optimal result, the peel can be applied every 4 weeks.


The treatment:

First of all, the skin will be cleaned, scrubbed and prepared for the peel. Then the acids are applied, which can give a tingling sensation. When the peel is sufficiently absorbed, it is neutralized. Finally, the ‘Growth Factor Serum’, the ‘Daily Renewal Cream’ and the ‘Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30’ are applied to nourish and protect the skin.


Skin reactions after the mild peeling treatment:

With this peeling there is no downtime, so you look presentable immediately after the peeling.



  • Obsolete skin
  • acne
  • sun-kissed skin
  • hornified/thickened skin
  • hyperpigmentation
  • melasma

Facial peel costs

A Facial Stimulator Peel from ZO Skin Health costs €120,-

The medium intense peeling consists of a mixture of 17% salicylic acid, 10% TCA and 15% lactic acid and removes the upper skin layers from the epidermis. The glycerine improves hydration. The peel is suitable for all skin types and colours and can be repeated every 3-4 weeks for optimal results. The skin tone and texture are smoothed and deeper skin layers are stimulated.


The peeling treatment:

First of all, the skin will be cleansed and prepared for the peeling. Then the peel is applied, which can cause the skin to ‘frost’. Finally, retinol is applied to further stimulate cell renewal and collagen production and to protect the skin’s DNA.


Skin reactions after the treatment:

The skin can feel dry and red in the first 2 days after the peel. After this it will turn darker. On day 2 the skin will flake which may last until day 5-7.


Indications for the intense peeling:

  • acne
  • melasma
  • sun-kissed skin
  • aging skin
  • coarse skin structure
  • coarse pores
  • pale skin tone

Intense Peeling Costs

A 3 Step Stimulation Peel from ZO Skin Health costs €350,-.


Van Lennep skin therapists

A peeling at Van Lennep Kliniek is always performed by an experienced skin therapist.
Our skin therapists are paramedical specialists and affiliated with the professional association of skin therapists (NVH).



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