Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life, but also wants to keep looking good for his of her age

Not a week goes by that my customers don’t spot a Dutch celebrity who has had a little too much work done. ‘Ludy, whatever has happened to Linda de Mol and Monique van de Ven, or Estelle Cruijff’s lips?’ ‘Have you seen Sylvie Meis’s face recently?’


The photographic evidence is there: they have injected too much filler, or their face’s movements have become unnatural. These aesthetically unfortunate results give many people a negative impression of injectables and makes clients wary. I hope to reassure them through a clear explanation of our approach.


During their initial interview and prior to treatment, I see it as my job to advise people to proceed with a broad course of treatment. In doing so, you can create an end result that stays as true to yourself as possible. It’s not a good idea to just keep using Botox, or repeatedly inject fillers in the same place. After all, ageing takes place on multiple levels.


I often explain this through the metaphor of ‘home renovation’. First, we reinforce the foundation with ‘Sculptra’. This provides a long-lasting base, as the skin is stimulated to produce collagen. Localised issues, such as reduced volume along the cheekbones, lips, tear trough, or corners of the mouth, can be touched up with hyaluronic acid filler. And finally, Restylane Skinbooster or Profhilo can provide a finishing touch, removing fine lines. Of course, I’m also all in favour of occasionally ‘resetting’ frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet with a little Botox.


This may seem excessive, but as we age over the years, our looks don’t change due to a single element in isolation. Of course, a treatment plan can also be implemented gradually, in smaller steps instead of all at once. At our clinic, it is common for people to come back regularly for the next step in professionally enhanced skin, when their vitamin A day cream runs out, for example, or alongside one of our salon treatments. After all, why not cleverly combine that peeling, Hydrafacial, or microneedling treatment with a small injection?


People often ask for the same treatment as before because that feels nice and safe. Trying something new means emerging from your ‘comfort zone’. However, we always try to make it clear to our clients that combining well achieves the best results. Natural-looking results, in other words, that don’t make it obvious that you have undergone treatment…


‘We all want to live a long, healthy life, so let’s do so as beautifully as possible!’

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