Elondra Faries / Front-Office Employee

Elondra Faries

At the end of June 2020, I graduated in European Studies with a specialisation in private management/marketing. During my studies, I found the marketing and communication aspects most interesting, but I also wanted to do more with my love of skincare and helping others. Many of my family members work in healthcare, so I think this vocation comes from there. These key components combined are the biggest reasons why I strive to give the best customer experience at Van Lennep Kliniek.


In addition, I will be starting my studies as a ‘Skin Therapist’ in September 2022. I therefore consider the position of Front-Office employee the ideal way to gain more practical experience as an intermediary between clients and healthcare providers. In this way, I will learn first-hand how my colleagues are able to consistently achieve the best treatment results, so that I can apply the same high standards in my current position as Front-Office employee and future career as a certified paramedic / certified skin therapist!

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