Client Instructions for and aftercare Removal of birthmark

When you undergo surgery to remove a birthmark, we will do everything in our power to make the treatment run as smoothly as possible. We also need your cooperation! Below you will find a number of instructions. By following the instructions, the treatment is more comfortable for you, the recovery is faster and it promotes an optimal end result. That is why it is important that you read the instructions below and follow them carefully.


The day of treatment

Pictures will be taken first. Remove any make up in advance.


During treatment

The plastic surgeon will mark out the birthmark before the operation, taking into account the so-called skin lines. These are lines in which the skin folds and will lead to a less conspicuous scar. The operation takes place under a local anaesthetic. You will have no pain during the operation. The procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the location and size of the birthmark and the number of birthmarks you have removed. After the birthmark has been removed, the wound will be sutured and an adhesive plaster will be applied. After the procedure you can go home immediately. In the beginning there may be some swelling or a haematoma; this will disappear within a few days. If the wound bleeds, it is advisable to print it out for at least 10 minutes.


After treatment

It is advisable to rest the operated body part until the stitches have been removed in order to stimulate the most beautiful healing possible. After removing the stitches you can start massaging the scar for the best result. Also protect the scar from the sun with a sunblock 50 or higher for 1 year.


A follow-up appointment will be made to remove the stitches (after 1 week in the face and after 2 weeks on the body).


Pain relief

Pain relief is usually not necessary, but if you wish to take a painkiller before or after treatment you can; you can take Paracetamol 500 mg, a maximum of 6 tablets per 24 hours.


Work and sports

One day after the treatment you may be able to work again; sport is possible again after 2 weeks.



After the treatment, small bruises (blue spots) and some swelling may occur. These disappear on their own again. You can use cold compresses (cold- packs) against the swelling. If the wound bleeds, it is advisable to print it out for at least 10 minutes.


Contact with the clinic

In case of the following problems, please contact our clinic directly:

– Severe pain that doesn’t disappear or get worse.

– Infection of the wound: you will notice local redness, swelling, pain and possibly pus. Fever above 38.5°C.

– Persistent bleeding from the wound, which does not stop after 10 minutes of continuous printing.


Any questions? You can call us anytime!

Van Lennep Clinic, telephone 070 – 7370088, or in case of emergency, telephone 06 – 5169 0024.

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