Make smart use of your health insurance | Reimbursements skin therapy 2022 

At the end of the year, people often look at whether it is cheaper to switch to another health insurer, or to extend the basic insurance with a supplementary policy. And the latter is particularly interesting if you are under treatment, or want to go for treatment, with a skin therapist. Do you have supplementary insurance this year? Then look how you can make smart use of this in 2022 because various skin therapy treatments are (partly) reimbursed from the supplementary insurance. Read more about the possibilities below.


A skin therapist is a paramedic and treats medical problems such as acne, rosacea and pigmentation problems as a BIG registered practitioner. Skin therapists are directly accessible since 2011. This means that you do not need a referral from the doctor or a medical specialist.


Treatments performed by our skin therapists are not covered by the basic insurance. In order to qualify for a (partial) reimbursement, you can take out additional insurance. Examples of this type of skin therapy treatments are acne therapy, scar therapy and camouflage therapy.

Which treatments and products can be reimbursed?

  • Cleansing acne treatments;
  • Chemical peels for acne (scars);
  • Laser treatments for hyperpigmentation (pigment) and rosacea (vessels);
  • Microneedling for (acne) scars;
  • Removal of skin blemishes;
  • Jane Iredale camouflage products (makeup) for pigment and redness;


It varies by health insurer and health insurance which treatment, how much percentage, or up to what amount you can claim. For more information, please contact your health insurer.


Our skin therapists will be happy to make a personal plan to guide you to a radiant skin!


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