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The Sunekos treatment uses an amino injectable to effectively enhance and regenerate your skin from the inside-out. The efficacy of this sustainable skin improvement formula lies in its patented combination of 6 essential amino acids and 2 types of hyaluronic acid. Together they supply the skin with all the building blocks necessary for the rapid repair of oxidative and regenerative damage (fine lines, sagging skin, discoloration).

Immediately visible results


The results are instantly visible. You’ll benefit from fuller, more radiant skin immediately following treatment. Further improvement manifests between 30 and 60 days later and persists for up to 3 months. The effects therefore aren’t temporary. Indeed, the Sunekos treatment is more than a mere filler for added volume; it’s a rich cocktail of pure, high-quality amino acids and hyaluronic acid. The substances that it contains are so natural and innate that they’re instantly absorbed into the skin and directly supplied to the desired protein structures, such as collagen and elastin, for increased volume and resilience.


What parts of the body can undergo the Sunekos treatment?


This treatment is suitable for both the face and body:

· Forehead

· Upper and lower eyelids

· Cheeks, cheekbones and jawline

· Neck

· Cleavage

· Arms

· Legs and knees

· Hands

Sunekos before & after

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New injection technique

Thanks to an innovative new injection technique, this treatment is virtually painless. A cocktail of amino acids and hyaluronic acid is disseminated over the face by means of a massage technique, thus requiring fewer injections and making the treatment more comfortable and effective.


You can also target the area around the eyes to tackle dark circles and bags, on the hands to effectively address loss of volume and the rest of the body to combat sagging skin.

The Sunekos treatment can be combined with other (or previous) injectable treatments. The improved skin condition that it generates, ensures longer-lasting results and a more natural appearance when used in combination with fillers and muscle relaxants (Botox).

Voor wie zijn Sunekos injectables gschikt?

For whom is the Sunekos treatment suited?


Sunekos is suitable for anyone wishing to improve, rejuvenate or maintain their skin. It can also be used as a preventive treatment to counteract the first signs of aging. Beautiful, firm and well-hydrated skin can provide a potential stepping stone to your first filler treatment.

Sunekos also offers an additional booster which can be used on skin that’s suffering from greater loss of volume. This richer hyaluronic acid is used during the first session to plump and protect your skin from the inside-out, adding more volume and achieving better lifting results as a consequence.

Nutrakos Drinkable


We also recommend Nutrakos Drinkables – a handy supplement that supplies your daily dose of amino acids in the form of a shot and supports your Sunekos treatment. The nutrients in Nutrakos Drinkables are essential for collagen and elastin synthesis, and actively nourish your skin from within.

Sunekos behandeling

Sunekos Booster

We can also use an additional booster in the event of greater volume loss. If you opt for the Sunekos package (comprising 4 treatments), you’ll be offered this additional booster during your first treatment. Separate prices apply for individual treatments.

FAQ Sunekos

The Sunekos treatment comprises a course of 3 or 4 treatment sessions. We recommend 3 treatments for the eyes and 4 treatments for all other zones, supplemented with a booster during the first session. You can alternatively opt for an individual Sunekos treatment – as a maintenance treatment six months or one year after your original treatment, for example. Please refer to our hyaluronic acid skin improvement price list for our current prices, competitively-priced Sunekos packages and individual treatment prices.


The Sunekos treatment targets various zones: the forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck, cleavage, hands, arms and knees.

No. Apart from a bruise or minor swelling caused by the injections, there are no risks associated with the treatment. Any minor swelling or bruises will disappear shortly after treatment. Hyaluronic acid, the active ingredient in the Sunekos treatment, is a natural bodily substance.

Sunekos is a completely unique type of injectable that differentiates itself by combining 6 amino acids with the more commonly used hyaluronic acid. Nothing is more effective than amino acids in gently activating the cells that produce collagen and elastin. Following 20 years of rigorous research, Sunekos is proud to manufacture the only patented skin improvement formula for injectables on the market.

A treatment comprises a course of 3 or 4 sessions, depending on the treatment zone. The skin receives its nourishment gradually throughout the 4 sessions, giving it sufficient time to harness the nutrients and generate results that remain visible after 6 months.

If you wish to build on your previous results, we recommend undergoing the treatment cycle every 6 months. A single maintenance treatment may be performed every 9-12 months. You can discuss the most suitable program with your treating physician.

The results of your Sunekos treatment are instantly visible. You’ll notice a demonstrable improvement in terms of volume and the reduction of wrinkles and pigmentation, especially in the months following treatment. Optimal results are visible between 2 and 6 months after treatment commencement.

Sunekos helps you to achieve instant, longer-lasting skin rejuvenation in a safe and extremely discreet way.

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