nufaceAt home face care that offers a targeted wrinkle treatment? It’s possible with the NuFace Trinity, PRO or Mini. The handy device delivers small, soft microcurrent waves that stimulate the skin at various depths. You won’t feel anything, but you will certainly see results.

Facelift in 5 minutes


Treatment sessions of 5 minutes per day will visibly improve your facial contour and skin colour. You’ll also notice a significant reduction in wrinkles on the jaw line, cheeks and forehead. The device comes with various attachments for the specific treatment of wrinkles or eyebrows. Enjoy a Face Lift in just 5 minutes!



NuFace Facelift treatment

Our skin therapist will be happy to help you with a NuFace Facelift treatment.
First, your skin will be cleaned and optionally treated with the special serum. Then she will apply the gel primer and treat your face.


You can opt for a demo treatment, for instance with the powerful Trinity Pro.
For 25 euros the specialist will give your face a 30-minute treatment. Have you decided to purchase the Trinity Pro? Then you’ll get that amount back!


You can do the microcurrent treatment at home 5 days a week for 60 days. After 60 days you can lower the frequency to 3 days a week.



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Buying NuFace

Looking for your own device?
You can easily order it via our webshop. From 50 Euro free shipping!
The extra powerful Trinity PRO is exclusively available in the clinic.
For 25 euros you receive a demonstration of 30 minutes on your own face.
Do you decide to purchase the Trinity Pro? Then you will receive the amount back!


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